Making Money Go Further: 8 Awesome Ways to Save Money While You’re Shopping Online

If you’re looking to get some new items for your home and save money while you are at it, shopping online can get the job done. There are some tricks you can use to get even better discounts and save bigtime! Whether you are a fan of several sites or just a couple of the big ones, learning certain shopping habits can save you hundreds of dollars. Consider some of the following ways to save money while shopping on an online site. While these ideas may seem daunting at first, you will soon learn they are very user-friendly.


  1. Check Coupon Sites


Most big-name pizza places have coupons all over the web. You can save money on Friday night pizza by simply doing a search for your favorite dine-in or delivery place and available coupons. There are also sites like,, and that offer promo codes from different stores. When you order online and use the promo code, you can save substantially.


  1. Ebates Can Be Very Helpful


If you haven’t already tried Ebates, you need to. This website will help you get cash back when you shop online, and you can still couple the deal with coupons. Combine these two deals with a sale and the savings potential goes through the roof. This is an excellent way to make large purchases a little less painfully. All you need to do is click a button at check out and you will receive a rebate automatically. It will also add your coupons to stack up for larger discounts when you finally check out.


  1. Create a ‘Wish-List,’ and Keep it in Your Shopping Cart


Most people love creating a wishlist, but then delete it after they purchase a couple of items. Instead, save that wish list in your cart for later. This is the best way to see when prices drop into a more reasonable range because you will get an email alert when prices drop. Not every retailer will use an alert, but it is becoming a trend in email marketing. Target and Amazon are both companies that do it often. You need to have an account on the site and stay logged in to get your alerts. If you don’t want these emails coming into your regular box, then set up you’re a new email just for your money savings.


  1. Coupons Combined with Sales


To get those extra savings, don’t be afraid to use those retailer coupons you get in the mail, but combine them with sales. Often, you’ll see items rotated through monthly sales. This is especially true during the holiday season. If you follow these sales, you will be ready with your coupon the next time one of your favorite items comes up.


  1. Use Google to Save Money


Google has a shopping tab that allows you to compare the price of an item from different sites, and therefore get the lowest sticker cost out there. There are other sites that do similar, but you may have to add a tab to your browser. Simply do a price check before purchasing an item and you can save yourself countless dollars by getting it at the lowest price.


  1. Add the Bells and Whistles


A fantastic way to make sure you are saving all the money you can when you are shopping online is to sign up for email campaigns and loyalty clubs. This will allow you to hear about sales when they happen, get points and awards for being a valued customer and hear about new products when they come out. If you are concerned about it just being junk mail that you receive and not any coupons, you can always opt-out of the emails. You should also remember to download all the retailer’s savings apps for the shops you like to frequent the most. These without a doubt, will help you stay atop of sales, any discounts that are happening and get the advantages you may reap for being a regular customer.


  1. Shop Online but Pick Up In-Store


If you want to be eligible for free shipping but don’t want to have to make a minimum purchase, consider signing up to pick your items up at the store. This can be an excellent way of taking advantage of online savings without having to buy more items than you need at the time. There are many times you can even save time this way as well as money. You can often pick your purchase up the same day when items are already in stock and avoid waiting for them to get shipped.


  1. Shop As-Is on Sites


There are several sites that you can search their ‘as-is,’ section to get fantastic deals on items that have been returned. You will need to check the reason it was returned, usually found in the item’s description, but this can be a wonderful way to get high-quality items at a fraction of the price. Some of these items are sold at as much as a 70% discount from the original price.  Often the discount is because of a box that was opened, stitching that isn’t perfect, or other non-intrusive damage.


If you combine these savvy tips with some good financial common sense, you can save hundreds of dollars and have all the creature comforts you desire. Watch for dips in prices, like seasonal trends to help double up on your savings. If you know you need Christmas decorations, purchase after the season when they are deeply discounted. Purchase your new outdoor furniture the fall before and winter gear the following spring. Save your money for an item and don’t purchase with a credit card so you don’t have to pay interest as well. There are many items you can save additional money on when purchasing bulk. This is especially true about paper products, some foods and other items. Shopping smart can have you saving enough money to go on that vacation you have been considering or increase the funds you’re putting toward retirement.