How To Take Care Of The UK’s Wild Birds

One of our favourite activities that we like to do as a family during the colder months is to look after the wildlife that already comes or could potentially come into our garden. There’s so much we can do to keep the birds happy and thriving throughout Winter starting with these suggestions:

A comfy home

With our recent move, we’ve lost the trees that we once had in our garden that the birds would call home, somewhere they could set up nests and shelter from the bad weather. So to recreate this environment in our new garden, we’ve set up a couple of birdhouses at the end of our garden.

Bird feeders

Head somewhere like Trago to stock up on bird seeds, fat balls and mealworms and many other options. Pop them high up in trees or somewhere which gives them some cover from other wildlife.

Giving them a drink

Those bird fountains aren’t just a decorative feature you know, they’re also a source of water for the birds as well as somewhere for them to bathe. If you don’t own one or have no room in your garden, there’s the frugal option of simply putting out a bowl of water for them.

Recycling our food waste

Before chucking your leftover food into the food waste bin why not stop to think if it’s suitable to put out the for the birds. We’ve recently had a box of bran flakes going to waste in our cupboard as no one in the house liked them; we’ve been sprinkling it over our patio the last few days, and we have watched as many different kinds of birds have picked away at the various offerings.