Design Elements to Help a Small House Plan Feel Big

When you build a smaller home, it will have a smaller carbon footprint since it requires fewer natural resources for cooling, heating and a number of other daily living requirements. There are some eco-conscious home buyers that appreciate this factor, while others simply want to save on their total utility costs. However, when you build a home with less square footage, it can feel cramped, which means that you need to talk to your home builder about implementing design elements that will help the space feel larger. Some design elements to consider are highlighted here.


The Right Window Treatments

The main thing that you will need to focus on when trying to outfit your small space is the blinds. Working with a supplier like Direct Blinds is a fantastic way to ensure that you get the right window treatments. With the right blinds, you will be able to incorporate a sense of style into your small space.

Before choosing a window treatment, you need to take some time to weigh all of your options. Are you trying to put more natural light into your home? If so, then getting curtains that are made from a sheer material is a must. Investing in curtains that are made from silk or cotton is a great option. Not only are these curtains great for letting natural light in, but they are also very durable.


Open Layout

Walls and doorways take up space. When you opt for an open floor plan, you are essentially reclaiming your floor space. When you have an open area for the living, dining and kitchen area even an extremely small home plan can feel much more expansive. Additionally, when you have an open floor plan, it will encourage family togetherness.

Not sure about how to create the best open layout for your new home? Consulting with interior decorating professionals is a great idea. These professionals will be able to consider the needs you have and then assist you in creating the best possible design.


Outdoor/Indoor Connection

When you have large areas of access to outside, such as bay windows or glass doors, the space will naturally feel larger. This connection brings the space from the outside, in, creating a more spacious feeling area.

While installing these windows may cost you a bit of money, it will be worth it. The last thing you want is to try and install new windows on your own due to the long-term damage it can cause. By hiring professionals, you will be able to avoid problems.


Minimalism is Key

Once you move into the smaller space, you can also have an impact on how spacious a smaller floor plan feels. Clutter is the primary enemy of spaciousness, which means that you need to keep it to a minimum. Try to keep a contemporary and minimalist design and ensure that the builder includes built-in storage in the design.

Do you have a lot of clutter you need to get rid of? Working with a same day rubbish removal service is a great way to rid your home of this clutter. Professionals in the rubbish removal business will have no problem getting your home clean and rubbish free in no time. Be sure to call around to see which rubbish removal service in your area has the best deal.

There are some ways that you can make a small floor plan feel bigger. While the space is not growing, the spaciousness will. This is hugely beneficial for any homeowner who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and bills, while still enjoying a spacious home.