Creating Extra Space In The Home With Storage

The one thing that I’ll find is an issue when it comes to the house is storage. No matter what the problem is, it will always come back around to having lack of storage. Now I’ve come up with some innovate different storage options which will hopefully to maximise mine and your storage options.

To start making this house feel like a home again, I need to start addressing space issues. This means seeking out options such as integrated wall storage. Instead of having my items protrude out, I can use the space against the walls and build up against that. Meaning more room to put my daily pieces without actually making the house look more cluttered and taking up more room which can be set to other uses.

The bedroom has storage issues, and with I an overflowing wardrobe and often found piling up clothes which just keep building up until it’s comparable to a mountain. Vacuum bags and a good sort out was all that needed to sort this issue out; I found space in it then for a wardrobe organiser which is where I now store items such as my bags and other accessories which were otherwise cluttering up my room. Under the bed has always been a fantastic use of space, again vacuum bags and storage boxes have been useful in hiding those items I don’t want on show but do need to be kept somewhere.

In other rooms with using the right equipment such as power tools from SGS Engineering, I’ve put up lots of shelves in various combinations to suit the storage needs of that room. My son’s bedroom now has less LEGO over the floor, and more on display using a long line of shelves circling his room.

There are so many ways you can maximise space using storage options which don’t involve buying big bulky furniture. One idea from the man was putting radiator covers over the radiators that we could use those as additional storage, a great way to cover up those ghastly looking things at the same time.