A Guide For The Fashionable Dad

Becoming a parent changes your whole world. Everything comes after your kids, from your job to your sense of style, but with the right focus and know-how, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can be perfectly fashionable and squeeze in time for all your hobbies and friends and still be a great dad. Doing this won’t just help you be a better dad, as you can show your kids how to have it all, but also how you can love your life once they grow up and move out.


Updating your style is the perfect first step for any dad hoping to find a good balance between being a dad, and being himself. When you look good you feel good, so start feeling good today by following this guide:

Go Through and Audit What You Have


The first step to any fashion journey is to go through and gut your closet. Anything you don’t wear often is too small, or is on its last legs has to go. There is no point in keeping these clothes, and having them in your closet will only distract you from your real options. Once it is gone, you will be able to gain a clearer insight on what your wardrobe needs and give you more space to create and style outfits on a daily basis.


Ensure You Have Quality Basics


All the basics in menswear in your closet should be made well. From a button-down shirt to a blazer – these items need to look great. They don’t need to be top name designer pieces, but they do need to be made well and made to last. A cheap suit will always just look like a cheap suit.


Choose These Fabrics


When shopping you need to pay very close attention to the material the clothes are made from.



  • Cotton


Cotton is a summer fabric because it is breathable, it is not, however, a good fabric to wear during winter as it absorbs moisture.



  • Wool


Wool is ideal for winter clothes, particular in coats. Italian wool, for example, can feel luxuriously soft to the skin and keep you warm and dry throughout even the mistiest of winter days. Choose your wool coat from a brand like Gloverall that cares for craftsmanship, and you have a great coat that performs well and offers a timeless look to all who wear it.


Tips for Making Your Wardrobe More Fashionable

A few more tips to keep your wardrobe fashionable are:



  • Tailor It


Unless you can afford to have clothes custom made for you, your next bet will be to get them tailored afterwards. If you can, always try to find clothes that fit your shoulders perfectly or your chest, as these are the most expensive tailor fixes to make.



  • Know How To Care for Your Clothes


Read and follow the care label. If it says hand wash, hand wash. If it says don’t tumble dry, don’t tumble dry. This will make your clothes last longer and look like new.


Feeling good about how you look can be all the fire you need to take your life back. Being a dad is not your only identity, but it is a part of it, so marry the parts of your lives together and love who you are every day.