Picking a Venue that’s Suitable for Your Event

Whether it’s just going to out for coffee and cake or hosting a huge party, everybody loves to celebrate. We find any excuse we can to put our best outfits on and strut onto the dancefloor with pride. The only issue is finding a venue that’s suitable for the event you’re planning to host.

Most event venues offer countless different services, facilities, sizes and amenities to make your life easier but what are the absolute essentials for your event? What are the things your occasion really can’t live without? With any luck, this short guide will answer those questions for you.

Personal Parties

Whilst it might be up for debate, personal parties are easily some of the best events that you can attend. They’re full of family and friends, everyone is enjoying themselves and you’re bound to end the evening with some new memories, both beautiful and embarrassing. The question is, where do you host your private party and what do you need to bring along?

Well, whenever you’re hosting a party it’s always a good idea to do some research on what other people bring to theirs. This is perfect for not only staying prepared but for being inspired. You might never have thought about playing party games or how much you need a sign to indicate where the toilet is, but these little details are what take your party from okay to brilliant! Use checklists to help you during the organisation stages and you shouldn’t have a problem.

In terms of the venue itself, there are three essential factors. The first is an open space that can fit all of your attendees, including some extra room for plus ones or unexpected guests. Secondly, a dancefloor is very important to help attendees blow off steam and have some fun. Finally, think about food. The best venues will offer catering services in a variety of different styles, so make sure that you investigate before deciding.

Corporate Events

Corporate venues require a little less excitement and a bit more sophistication. Visit this website if you want a great example, but corporate venues require very specific facilities and services. Whilst catering isn’t always needed, it’s a very welcome touch at certain occasions so most corporate venues still offer it but what they focus on advertising is business equipment.

Free stationary, presentation apparatus and appropriate furniture layouts all make a huge impact on the success of a corporate occasion. Similarly, if you’re going to host business people or esteemed guests then you need to ensure that the setting is appropriately proper. Stick to venues with an elegant colour scheme and style. It’s hard to describe what a sophisticated room looks like until you see one but definitely make sure that wherever you’re hosting your corporate event, it looks the part as well as serves the practical purpose.


Weddings. They’re the best day of your life. We spend months, sometimes years, planning each and every step; trying to ensure that they are perfect and focusing on every minute detail. Of those details, there are few as important as the wedding venue.

The wedding venue doesn’t just need to be big enough to fit everyone, it must adapt to the needs of all the attendees. There needs to be the correct colour scheme, the correct décor, the correct seating arrangements, an adequately varied menu, an open space for dancing, an outdoor space for fresh air breaks, another open space for the children – the list goes on!

When checking the fundamentals, the most important aspect is that the venue matches the theme of your wedding. No point in a contemporary venue if the rest of your wedding is rustic and wild in appearance. Consistency is key and with it, your special day should be perfect.

Follow these tips and you shouldn’t have a problem picking out the perfect venue for your event. Be sure to let us know how it goes!