Is Bingo Better Online or Offline?

If you need to have a go at a relaxing game, there’s none quite so good as having a quick round of bingo. But if you’re busy mum with a lot on your plate, how do you do it? Do you pop down to your local brick and mortar for a quick game or zip on over to and play a a few cards? Well, there’s pros and cons to both, let’s see which is right for you!

Brick and Mortar

The big appeal to a game of bingo at the brick and mortar is the social aspect – you pop on something nice, you hurry along down to the bingo hall and you get set up with your pals for a night of marking down numbers and calling bingo when you win! The social aspect is hard to beat when your with your friends, maybe a few glasses of bubbly and a quickfire calling as the numbers come out. But the biggest problem your gonna face is the practicality of the whole thing. You need to get someone to look after the kids, you need to head on down to the bingo hall and you need to have your wits about you. But what about online?


Online bingo may not be quite as sociable as the brick and mortar locations but it’s still a good place to get your chat on! If you head on over to the online bingo hall you’ll have the same experience as offline, you buy the cards, you wait for a game but now you have a whole bunch of extra options that you didn’t have in the real world!

You can have your card mark itself as you play which means no chance you’ll miss a number because you’re distracted by something, if you decide you want to up your chances by getting multiple cards then it’s a lot easier to manage because you can have all of your cards marked as you play. Not to mention it’s easier to collect your winnings! Just a straight transfer once you win!

The social aspect may be weaker but it’s far from removed! You can instant message with your friends as you game, you can sometimes even get a webcam set up so you can talk to people as you go. Perhaps even make some new friends by talking across the room! The only downside is that, if you’re doing it to take a break from the kids, you might feel like they’re still under foot if you play at home and you’re not really getting that break.


Well, online has a lot going for it, convenience, speed and its still got that social play that makes it the clear winner for some, but you’d be fair to say it doesn’t quite offer the break from real life that you get with a trip to the bingo hall. But what do you think? Which is the best for you? Let us know in the comments below.