Bye Bye England, Hello Ireland


It’s done.

We are all moved in.

99% of our stuff has arrived.

No sea between our dog and us.

No more flying back and forth.

Oh how I never want to see another airport again, well at least until our next adventure anyway! We spent the whole of the Summer holidays going back and forth to see if Ireland was a right fit for us. We looked into the various areas we could move into, spent time weighing up the pros and cons of leaving England and gathering the kid’s thoughts about such a move.

It just feels like yesterday the job opportunity for the man arose which meant relocating and look where we are a few months later. It felt like it happened over just a couple of weeks and not months; it’s been non-stop since that first phone call which put the wheels in motion. I have lost track of how many times we flew from England to Ireland and back again, it felt like we spent most of the summer months in airports, Airbnb, TripAdvisor rentals and what time we did have at the house in England was spent packing.

Within that time the man got a start date, we got a house in the perfect area, and we had got two out of three kids a school place at our ideal school. The stress around all this and everything else has been MEGA, I’ve never experienced stress like it before. It’s stressful as it is moving house, let alone when you need to move across the sea with your whole family and the contents of your home to then start everything anew. I don’t even want to imagine how that stress triples with an even bigger move. There were a few times that we were tempted to leave pretty much everything behind to buy anew here, but I’m glad we didn’t, I’ve appreciated the familiarity and comfort of my sofas.

The first day/week was chaos, we had to sort out some beds, and then we had to get some food in, thankfully we had a new fridge freezer delivered the week before, so we were able to keep a constant flow of milk for coffee going as well as a freezer full of easy to cook bits for the kids. We spent over a month living out of a couple of suitcases; this was the hard part. The colder weather came about before we had our hat and gloves over, I just didn’t think I would need to pack them in those two big suitcases I bought over. A trip to Penny’s (Primark is called Penny’s over here) sorted us out with some bits. I tried to keep buying stuff to a minimum, knowing that we would have all our stuff soon enough and over the various back and forth trips I was able to bring stuff we needed/wanted. I have to chuckle at the list of items I reeled off to the woman at security, checking that they were ok in my carry on – like a couple of house phones and a can opener.

We are in the process of sorting out things to do with the car (don’t get me started on the price of car insurance over here) and logistical bits like getting everyone PPS numbers (Irish version of the English national insurance number) so that we can sort things like medical cards & child benefit. These numbers mean we can hand forms to our village GP so then we can start the process of getting Dylan into the system with regards to all his needs. My to-do list gets longer by the day.

Relocating was something we never gave any thought to until it actually happened, as stressful as it’s been, it’s been a fun adventure, and I think it’s exciting for the kids at their ages that they’ve got to experience moving to a new country.  It’s starting to feel like home, and we cannot imagine not living here now, Ireland truly is a beautiful country filled with culture, friendly people and new places for us to explore.