We Are Relocating To Ireland

And oh my word! What a stress relocating is! My hair falling out and the onset of acne can testify to what a stress it is.

From the moment it was suggested that we go ahead with the move it’s been go go GO. The man had a job to start, and we had a house to pack up and life to say goodbye to England all within weeks.

We’ve moved around before, back when we had just the one child; we moved down to Portsmouth for a year for the man’s job. We went from a two bed to a three bed, so not that much stuff move really, and then over time we went from a three bed to a four bed and acuminated much more stuff as well as a couple more children and a dog. I also happen to have developed a huge hoarding issue along the way.

This time around we have the challenge of moving three children, a dog, a whole household packed to the rim full of crap items as well as ourselves to a new country. Thankfully Ireland is only next door to us, but it’s still a sea distance away. The first logical step is finding a new house in the right area near the right schools. When we have that sorted, hopefully, everything else will fall into place. (She says with that desperate look on her face!)

Dylan throws in a huge obstacle for us with him needing extra help in all areas of life, especially schooling. He cannot cope in a mainstream setting and will need a special educational needs setting or failing that; he will have to be homeschooled by me. Saying goodbye to his school at the end of the Summer term was heartbreaking, I stood in the foyer not wanting to move, tears streaming down my face as I thanked the teachers who have been in our lives since Dylan started Nursery there four years ago.

He was our very first thought when the opportunity presented itself, would he cope with the change? And if we hadn’t given him years of exploring new countries and adventures then I’m not sure we could have answered that but he has coped well with all of that and now he’s older and we understand Autism in a way we never did pre-diagnosis, we agreed he could deal with it, it may be tough at first for him, but I know he will learn to adapt like the rest of us will adapt to our new lives in Ireland