The One Where I Turn 30

Do you remember that episode of FRIENDS where they all freak out about turning 30?

That’s been me for the last few years as I hit my late 20s and realised that the big 3-0 would soon be upon me. But now that the day is here, I don’t feel any different. It really is true that when you get older birthdays are just like any other day. Though I know once the man and the kids all get home, they will go all out to make it a special day, and I’m sure there will be cake and a 98% possibility of receiving LEGO related gifts. We already spent the weekend celebrating it in advance, I was surprised with a trip to the Cliffs of Moher and then out for a meal, just that typical family day out which to me is the perfect way to spend any birthday.

I’m actually sat here smiling about this milestone, lifting my mug of tea in the air and cheering myself because..

I made it to 30!

Reaching 30 is more an achievement than a milestone for me. My 20s were horrific; I experienced some terrible things. There were a couple of times I almost didn’t make it to this birthday, and upon reflection of that, I am tinged with sadness, not seeing my children grow up and not living life like I am now with adventures like our move to Ireland, how could I have been so cruel to my family and to myself? That’s psychological trauma for you.

Mental health is a bitch. It’s been haunting me since a young age, and it stole my 20s away from me. With the right people around me, it will not cast any shadows over my 30s, it may try but I am so much stronger now, determined even and I am in the right place both physically and mentally. Of course, my 20s were not all bad, I gave birth to my three beautiful children during that time, I married my best friend, and we had some fantastic adventures. There was always a light in the darkness. To say goodnight to all of this would have been a tragedy, life really is the hardest achievement to accomplish but with all I faced no matter how crap it was, I wouldn’t be this person and where I am today without it all.

So here I am, thirty, the happiest I have ever been in my life, surrounded by those who really matter to me and with a future filled with exciting opportunities to look forward to.