Preparing Your Home to Get the Best Price on the Market

It’s only natural for you to want the best price for your home when you decide to sell it. You could choose to keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. On the other hand, you can do more than trust to luck and spruce up your home for the better. Many of the changes you make will cost little or no money. There are others that require a significant investment, and it’s up to you to choose which are worth your time. Below are four handy suggestions.


Increase Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

First impressions are important, especially when it comes to selling your home! A good thing to do is to stand outside your home and compare it with others in your street.  If the sight leaves you feeling a little disappointed, think what it’s going to do to any potential buyers. You could mow the lawn, repaint the front door, even up your paving slabs, tidy away the kids’ toys, trim back the shrubs and pull up the weeds. One other improvement you might want to consider is replacing the tired window frames, and the experts at Timber Windows Direct has a great selection to choose from.


Depersonalise Your Home

When a buyer comes to take a look around, they’re not going to be interested in your gorgeous family photographs or the line of finger paintings your youngest brought home from nursery. They will want to be able to look around and imagine the space with their own possessions in it. Remove all the clutter and allow them an unimpeded view. Over the years you manage to gather a vast array of things; some will continue to be useful, but there are also going to be items you no longer need. Save yourself the bother of taking them with you when you move by having a good clear out.


Give Your Home a Spring Clean

When you put your house on the market, you need to clean like you’ve never cleaned before. A quick once over just won’t be enough on this occasion. Pay close attention to the details, as in the skirting boards, light fixtures and fittings, windows, taps and mirrors. Scrub your cooker and clean out the refrigerator. You might think this is a little over the top, but prospective buyers can be very judgemental.


Keep Your Pets in Order

You may love your four-legged friend, but prospective buyers may not be so keen on being greeted by a shaggy, smelly hound when they walk across the doormat. If possible, get someone to take him or her out for a walk when you’ve got visitors. Hopefully, your spring-cleaning efforts will have removed much of the doggy smell, but there’s nothing wrong with a tastefully positioned vase of freshly cut flowers to mask the odour.


One last piece of advice worth mentioning is to take care of those niggly jobs you’ve meant to do for months. Fix that leaky tap and wobbly shelf. Touch up your paintwork or repaint altogether. Replace broken light bulbs and repair any cracks.