Bargain Getaways With Holiday Gems

I was so naive when it came to booking our first family holiday together; I used a major airline’s website to book a package deal for flights and hotel. There was no shopping around, no comparing prices or even looking at other holiday websites. I just booked it up right there on the website being the fool I am, without seeing if I could have got it cheaper elsewhere.  Things are different now; now I’m aware that there are hundreds of websites out there, ones who will get us the best deals at the lowest prices, we’re all about the cheap and cheerful getaways.

Lots of people do return to somewhere they love, and I never understood the idea behind this before, that was until we went to Paphos in Cyprus. I never thought I would feel that way about somewhere; we are so determined to see so much of the world I thought it pointless to return to somewhere we’ve already travelled to. But going to somewhere where you’re so familiar with takes away that stress of knowing where to go once your plane touches down as well as being able to experience all the things you enjoyed again for the second time.  Here are just some of the reasons we want to go back to Paphos.

The location

You are surrounded by beautiful beaches, as soon as we approached Cyrpus, you could see the golden coastlines. There are 649 kilometres of coastline for you to explore. So once you’re done exploring the beaches of Paphos, jump in a hire car or grab a bus and explore another part of this stunning island. As the easternmost island of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has the delight of warm weather all year round with the temperatures being milder during late spring and autumn.



The food 

The food was as afresh as it could get, seafood was caught and cooked that very same day providing you with fish that is so fresh that fish from the supermarket just will not taste the same ever again. Cyprus is the home to Halloumi and we had never tasted it like it tasted in Paphos, our favourite place to seek out Halloumi was Suite 48, Poseidonos Ave. We recommend The Ancestor sandwich washed down with The Flight – selection of 3 gins for you to try.


The attractions

There is so much to keep you entertained as a family, from days lounging by the pool or on the beach to more vigorous based activities like wakeboarding or parasailing. We like exploring the local culture whenever going somewhere new and this includes historical sites and Paphos isn’t short of these. All within walking distance of one another, you have the Tomb Of The Kings, Paphos Archaeological Park and Paphos Castle.