Kia Automobile Manufacturing Company

Kia automobile manufacturing company has emerged as the best car brand in South Korea in the year 2018. The whole new range of Kia car model is out, and everyone is excited about what new features they will bring for them. Every year they are earning almost around 8.5 billion dollars.

Origin of Word ‘Kia’

The work ‘Kia’ is basically derived from two words in the Korean language. The first part is ’Ki,’ that means to come out of. The second part is ‘A,’ that means ‘Asia.’ According to the company, the overall meaning of the word ‘Kia’ is ‘To come out of Asia’.

History of ‘Kia’ Company

The inception of Kia dates back to 1940s when it was established just to bicycle parts and tubes made from steel. After some time, they started to make bicycles that were only used in Korea. In the 1950s, they changed their name to Kia industries when they started manufacturing their own motorcycles. In the 1960s, they started to make trucks, and in 1970s they switched to car manufacturing. Until 1986, they kept making small cars, but after that, they signed a contract with Ford and started manufacturing all type of cars. These cars were not used for domestic purpose, but they were also exported to other countries. This is how all it started from scratch, and now it has gained the highest level among all the automobile manufacturing companies in Asia and even renowned in Europe, UK, and the USA.

Kia Automobile Manufacturing Company Affiliations

Kia automobile manufacturing company has some affiliations and subsidiaries. The most popular ones are given below with a detailed description.

Affiliation with Hyundai Motor Company

In the year 2015, overall around 34% of the stakes of Kia automobile manufacturing company were in the hands of the Hyundai company. Also, in the same year, the Kia motor company was heading 22 Hyundai companies with also around 46% ownership of each company.


Kia Motors USA

The American affiliated sales, marketing, and distribution arm of Kia motors are based in South Korea. There is a growing percentage of people using Kia automobiles in the USA with almost around 755 number of total dealers working in the United States of America.

Kia Motors Europe

Since 1991, Kia automobile company has the sales and distribution division in Seoul, South Korea. Kia announces increased sales in Europe every year. The maximum revenue generated by Kia automobiles through its sales in JUST European countries was 5.5 billion dollars in the year 2016.

Kia Motors India

Kia automobiles are yet not introduced in India, but they are planning to start it right at the start of the year 2019. Estimated production capacity on an annual basis in India is 3 lakh units. The investment will require around 1 billion dollars, but the revenue will be much more than this.

Not only in the above countries, but Kia is also present in many other parts of the world, such as the UK where they are known with the name of Jennings Kia. But, all this information just clearly reflects how amazing Kia automobiles would be that they are earning so much just by exporting their vehicles in different parts of the world.