4 Budget-Beating Tips For A Healthier, Happier Family

Raising a family has its challenges. Looking after our kids, making time for our partners and treating ourselves can be time-consuming and expensive. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Instilling healthy habits and knowing a few money-saving tips can help you get the upper hand on parenting and promote a happier home life. If you start setting an example for your children today, they will learn valuable lessons for their future. Follow these easy steps for a healthier and happier home. You can find many more handy tips to help you effectively manage your family on Mommy Authority.

1. Be Their Master Chef

Home cooked meals are one of the best ways to cut costs on your food expenses. You don’t even need to go out and buy a recipe book. Sign up to Pinterest and begin exploring the sea of amazingly affordable meals that require hardly any effort. Exciting new dishes are a great way to sneak in greens and ensure that your children are eating enough vegetables. Here are a number of quick, easy and healthy recipes to get you started. You can follow these recipes at a fraction of the cost of eating out. Minimise your family’s consumption of junk food by scheduling takeaway days once a month. Cooking brings the family together. Include your children and partner in meal preparation for a little extra family time. Get them involved and your children will become junior master chefs themselves.

2. Stock The Essentials

There is no denying the benefits of vitamins as an additional source of nourishing nutrients for a healthier family. For example, Vitamin C boosts mood and Vitamin B3 enhances concentration. However, long-term use of these vitamins can become extremely expensive. Essential oils may provide a more affordable option for moms wanting to improve their child’s focus and energy. For example, lavender oil slows the central nervous system which promotes better concentration and prevents anxiety. The benefits of essential oils for children don’t end there. They can be used to treat infections and soothe rashes. Arm yourself with this knowledge and save money on costly vitamins. There is the concern that vitamin supplementation may have negative side effects. Consulting a health practitioner is advised before using supplements. Essential oils have practically no harmful effects. The only concern is the possibility of skin irritation, which can be easily remedied with talc powder.

3. Get Them Into Gear

Find an activity or exercise your kids enjoy that you and your partner can participate in too. Whether it’s riding bikes or kicking around a ball, sports and hobbies are a great way to promote functional fitness. The benefits of exercise are countless. For one, you will have a reason to get out of the house. Stepping outdoors will give you and your family downtime from demanding household chores and digital devices. Functional fitness promotes muscle strength which will help prevent injury. Enjoying exercise together provides the additional family time that strengthens bonds. Participating in group activities that require teamwork can be extremely beneficial for your communication with one another. Regular exercise boosts energy, improves focus and increases immune strength which helps the mind perform optimally and the body fight disease. These physical and mental health benefits come at virtually no cost. Apart from buying a ball or a bike, there is little additional cost. Reward exercise with a treat. You won’t feel guilty knowing that your children have earned it.

4. Get Cover

Despite efforts to ensure that a healthy and happy family doesn’t break the bank, accidents do happen. Healthy eating, exercise and essential oils can only do so much. In the case of serious injuries, you are going to need medical insurance. Keep your eyes peeled for affordable insurance options and regularly compare policies.


There is no fool-proof method for a healthy and happy family. Accidents happen, flu season is unavoidable and everyone has their off-days. That being said, these tips will guide a more cost-effective way to manage your family’s health and happiness.