Tips to plan your trip to Monaco

The Principality of Monaco, after the Vatican, is the second smallest state in the whole world. If you want to spend your holiday here, there are plenty of activities to consider, even the least expected ones.

The best time to visit the city is surely during spring and autumn.

In a week you can explore not just Monaco but also the neighboring places on the coast such as the classy Saint Tropez. Montecarlo doesn’t have its own airport, so you’ll have to opt for the Nice-Côte d’Azur International Airport, which is about 20 km away from Monaco.

If you’re coming from a foreign country and therefore don’t have a car available, the better means of transport is undoubtedly a private taxi at fixed price.

What to do

The main attractions include the Monte Carlo casino, a very elegant and luxurious place to try your luck all day.

Palazzo del Principe is located in a unique landscape on the rock, built where once stood a fortress founded by the Genoese in 1215. This visit is a wonderful journey through the centuries. Frontly, Piazza del Palazzo offers a breathtaking view of the city.

Furthermore we suggest a long walk to the sea and port of Montecarlo, where you can admire all the boats and the splendid yachts. Montecarlo houses a noteworthy oceanographic research center, perfect to visit for both for adults and for children. The exotic gardens offer visitors the most interesting plants. Inside the gardens there is also a very interesting room dedicated to anthropology.


The evening

The Principality of Monaco livens up more at nights than during the day, so just walk through the streets near the port in order to dive into a buzzing night life. To begin with, you can book in one of the many chic restaurants in the historic center and then go from there to the exclusive clubs and pubs which many of the times house fantastic parties.


Events and fairs

Montecarlo is home to the ‘’Bal de la Rose’’, an elegant event with high society guests and several ballet exhibitions. The Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monte Carlo is held every year in May. If you happen to be there around that time of the year, get ready to watch an unforgettable show.

In March, the Grand Concert of Monaco is generally held (on the occasion of the anniversary of the Principality). If you’re lucky enough, during this event you’ll get to see the Prince of Monaco with his family in the crowd.