Six Children´s Bedroom Decoration Ideas

As your children get older their tastes will inevitably change. Therefore, every couple of years, you are will need to redecorate their rooms. The chances are at least some of you are planning to do so over the next few weeks. So, I know that this children´s bedroom decorating post is going to come in handy.

Update their bedding

A really quick fix is to update their bedding sets. There is plenty of choice. You just need to click here for bedspread ideas.

Use stencils for the walls

If your child is happy with the basic colour of their walls, you will not have to repaint. Instead, you can just use a few stencils to change things up a bit. They are surprisingly easy to find online.

All you need to do is to print them off and spend an hour or so applying them to the walls. It is really easy to do. So easy, in fact, that you could let even quite young children help you to do this.

Buy wall stickers

Another alternative is to use wall stickers. Recently, they have fallen drastically in price. There are now literally hundreds of designs available. You can easily buy them online. Once they arrive, putting one up should take less than an hour. In theory, you can do it alone, but it is the sort of job that is a lot easier to do with two people.

Let them produce their own artwork

If your children like to draw or paint let them produce some of the artwork for their room. It does not take much to put something they particularly like in a frame.

Taking this approach also gives you the opportunity to sit down and make other kinds of wall-hangings with your children. It can be a great way to get your children interested in crafts. This is good for their dexterity and creativity. You will find some fantastic ideas on this Pinterest board.

Create a blackboard wall

These days, it is really easy to buy blackboard paint and create a drawing wall for your child. If you do not like the idea of having a black wall in your child´s room you could always put up a whiteboard instead.

Set up a chill out chair

To encourage your children to read more consider creating a reading corner. You do not need much space to do it. You just need to install a narrow bookcase down one edge of the corner and fill it with books. Then add a comfortable chair or bean bag, and maybe a floor lamp. Be sure to secure the bookcase to the wall and, in a small child´s room, try to attach the lamp to something too to reduce the risk of it being pulled over.

The above are just a few ideas. You can find even more inspiration in the DIY and Craftiness section of this website. Many of the ideas you will find there will work really well for an older child´s room.