Save Space with These DIY Storage Ideas

If there is one thing that most people’s houses need, it is more storage. No matter how tidy you keep your home, there is always somewhere that is full of things shoved in drawers or stacked up on top of each other. However, you don’t need to go out and buy expensive storage cupboards or drawers; you can easily do the same things at home with a few reused items.

Mirror Makeover

If you have an old mirror that you no longer use, don’t think about throwing it out, reuse it to create some stylish storage. You can add some wall storage pouches to the bottom of the mirror, or you can place draw knobs around the frame so you can hang things from it. It will make a great place to hang keys and coats or other garments when you enter the front door. You can also liven it up by painting it the same color as your walls.

Under Bed Storage

Many people put things under the bed because they have nowhere else to put them. However, if you simply throw your stuff under there, you won’t know where the things are if you need them. One quick way that you can organize your belongings is to reuse old drawers or crates to make under bed storage. They will be more durable than plastic which can crack easily, and they will look good. All you need to do is fit wheels underneath the drawers and handles if they don’t have them already.

Use Space Above Radiators

If you have had some nice new radiators from a company like Warm Rooms, then you won’t want to cover them up with radiator covers. You can, however, add a shelf above them for some extra space. It is particularly a good idea if you have a lot of ornaments that you have no-where to put them. You can attach the shelves to the wall, or buy specially made shelves that slot in behind the radiator. Whatever ones you choose, it will add a little extra space for each radiator you have.

Reuse Old Cans and Plastic Bottles

Children love doing a craft, and that means lots of pens, stickers, balloons, and string. You don’t want all of that over the floor, so why not use some old cans or plastic bottles to make a tidy. You can take the labels off the old cans and stick them together to make a table organizer. You can use that for their pens and pencils. You can also clean out old plastic bottles and hand them on the wall using a draw handle. They will save space on the desk, and if you make them removable, they can take them down and hang them back up when they have finished.

These are just a few of the many ideas on how you can recycle some of your old belongings in your home. All you need is a little time and some imagination.