Jesolo, Italy Day 1

When one of my friends suggested we come along to Italy with her and her partner. My friend is Italian, and she had planned for us to stay in the seaside town of Jesolo which she visited as a young child living in Italy. We managed to get five return flights for just £200 travelling from London Stansted to Treviso with Ryanair.

We had the stress in the days before we were due to set off with wondering if our flights were those that were included in the Ryanair cancellations. We found out that our flight out there was safe, but we had to wait a couple more days to see if our return flight was safe, it was, but it was still stressful wondering if we would be missing our Italy trip and losing out on the apartment costs.

It was our first experience of both Ryanair and London Stansted for this trip, Ryanair was exactly what it was on the tin – cheap and convenient and nothing more. London Stansted was fantastic when it came to their special assistance! We got given a blue band to wear which allowed us to use a different queue in security and a walking assistant to the plane. Before we knew it, we were up in the air with a flight time of just an hour and a half until we landed in Treviso.


Just as planned we were met at the terminal by NCC Friendly who was holding up a sign with my name. The vehicle was immaculate, the driver extremely friendly and the price of 80 euros was the cheapest transfer from Treviso to Jesolo (in the Summer season there are much cheaper buses to take you to Jesolo)

Our accommodation was found via, and we went with an apartment instead of a hotel as it was relatively cheap and allowed us to have three bedrooms. Our host was lovely and made sure we had everything we needed to have a comfortable stay.


We unpacked, the kids picked their beds and freshened up before heading to meet our friends. We met on the seafront and enjoyed a drink in front of the picturesque Adriatic sea. The kids built sandcastles at our feet, collected shells and excitedly talked about their plans for swimming in the sea.


Lunch was our first taste of real Italian food; we have spent weeks dreaming of holiday where we would eat nothing but pasta for days on end, and we were not disappointed. The kids squealed with delight when their Mickey Mouse pizza was served to them.



Our friend being rather excited by the fact we were now in her home country wanted us to try everything. Despite the fact she’s unsuccessfully tried to convert me to espresso in the past, she still wanted me to try one in Italy to which I obliged, and I’m still not a fan. Grappa was then ordered which was an entirely new taste experience and one which left my face more screwed up then when it was trying the espresso. I left the rest to someone who wouldn’t be pushing around a pram for the remainder of the day.


Being in a seaside town we obviously had to hit the arcades, the arcades here were cheaper than most the ones I’ve come across in the UK. We exchanged some euros for tokens and let the kids loose to play whatever they wanted.


Us adults joined in the fun and for the below video I totally blame that grappa, there’s a longer version which will stay on the man’s phone never seeing the light of day.


We headed down towards Piazza Brescia to see the ‘Wheel Of Venice‘ and were lucky enough to be able to see this one piece leftover from the Sand Sculpture Festival before it was knocked down.


We were so tired come the evening after all the walking, exploring and eating ice creams that we decided to head back to the apartment. Oli had the bright idea of grabbing some slices of pizza from the 3 euro pizza place, and the man had the equally bright idea of grabbing some beers from the mini market. It was a blissful end to our first day in Italy.


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