Appropriate Order of Your Weightlifting Exercises

If you are new in weightlifting, then there’s a high chance that you have no idea how to go on about it and the kind of exercises you need to do to be more efficient. Taking up weightlifting and strength program like those stated in will require you to know a few guidelines and rules that you must follow.

You can complete weightlifting programs for:

  •         Strength
  •         Overall Fitness
  •         Lean Muscle Gain
  •         Weight Loss

If you choose to go for strength, some of the benefits you can take advantage of are the following:

  •         Increased Tendon and Ligament Strength
  •         Increased Muscle Contractile Strength
  •         Increased Muscle-fiber Size

Besides choosing the particular lifting program to undertake, you also need to decide the order of the routines. The order can affect the general training result. Exercises put jointly without any idea of an order can be destructive.

The order of the exercises would be dependent on the type of athlete who will do the workout, from beginners, intermediate athletes, to advanced sports athletes.

Beginner Athletes

There are two major areas that novices would need to work on when it comes to lifting, including technical and at the same time balancing preparation. These basic areas are necessary to ensure that the beginner does not have any problems with some of the technical aspects of the program, including:

  •         Mobility Issues
  •         Kyphosis

After figuring out possible dilemmas , one needs to decide upon which program to follow and the order of the lifting routines. Also, consider the issues, and their effects on the workout.

In fact, the first two workout routines of the workout should be dedicated to these issues. The workout should then be ceased if the beginner shows a hint of fatigue. If there are no noticeable technical insufficiencies, the athlete can opt for classic lifts using body mass.

Another focus for apprentice athletes will be on improving the areas which are weak in the body.

Intermediate Athletes

The sequence of lifting exercises for intermediary athletes must include the following:

  •         Snatches
  •         Power Snatches
  •         Power Cleans
  •         Power Jerks
  •         Clean and Jerks Patterns

Lifts must be 60% to 80% medium to medium-heavy weights. After these workouts, the next routine should include:

  •         Pulls
  •         Extensions
  •         Jerk Drives
  •         Jumping Movements

To be able to increase the athlete’s adaptability to many workloads, it is better to add in presses and squats for strengthening routines.

Advanced Athletes

Advanced athletes are definitely more established and their routines can complex techniques. They can also complete multiple sessions daily. With this, they won’t need to warm out with power moves, cleans and the normal and usual lifts. Such athletes can start the workout with a squats and the pulls routine. This can also help to make sure that the body muscles won’t easily be fatigued and weary.

Moreover, the deal with advanced athletes is that the more advanced they are, the fewer exercises would need to be involved in their teaching. Much attention should be focused on renovation undertakings that affect overall physical preparation. This is perfect for days filled with arduous training activities. My next article will be about how to include classic lifts .