Advice on Caring for a Child with Health Conditions

If your child has a serious health condition or impairment, then you know how hard life can be. Cerebral palsy is one of many serious disabilities that can affect infants, and one of the most difficult for parents to cope with. Consider the following advice on caring for a child with health conditions.

Stay Up to Date

One of the most useful things you can do for your child is to stay up to date with the paperwork. Doctors will organise most of your child’s treatment, but you’ll need to know when they’ve been referred to a new hospital, what treatments are to be administered at home, and you may need to focus on details relating to your legal battle for Cerebral Palsy Compensation. You’ll also have to organise the payments going to schools, counsellors and carers, even if you win the compensation and you don’t have to pay directly. Whatever happens, there’ll be lots to organise and to stay up to date with, so it might be helpful to keep a stock of whiteboards, binders, filing cabinets, or whatever helps you to stay organised.

Learn the Basics of Care

It might be helpful to learn some of the skills that your child’s carers and physical therapists already have. You won’t be able to provide all of the care, but you will be able to learn more ways of assisting with pain relief and helping the child stretch their muscles out if they become uncomfortable. Massages are essential if the child suffers from regular muscle spasms. You may already be trained in either physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech and language therapy, or you may know someone who’s trained – don’t let it interfere with your treatment plan, but use all the extra help you can get.

Focus on Your Child’s Mind

As your child grows, they may find that they can account for their limited capacity to be active by expanding their mind. This means that you can assist them and help them to develop and stay entertained by introducing them to a wide variety of music types, taking them to museums, and building a relationship whereby you can play your own creative games together. These activities will make both of your lives more enjoyable, but they’ll also have a great impact on your child’s development.

Maintain Optimism

Life is going to be difficult for both you and your child, no matter what you do, or how good you are at parenting – particularly as your child becomes more aware that they are limited in comparison to what others can do. It can also be difficult relying on help all the time. There will be times when it’s difficult to carry on, but by keeping up an optimistic outlook and state of mind, you’ll find that your courage will make it much easier for your child to be brave in accepting the many aspects of their life that they need to accept. Remember, one thing that isn’t limited is your child’s ability to form positive relationships that bring joy.