What To Pack In Your Carry On

Travelling is a wonderful experience. Sun, seas and sandy beaches usually await on the other side of a plane, as well as historic and cultural experiences that always entice us. Everyone loves a nice holiday away! Getting there though? That can be the tricky part. Packing a bag for the plane can often mean we leave something behind or put the essentials in the wrong suitcase. Here are a few tips on what to pack in your carry on for both long and short flights.

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First of all, for all kinds of flights you need to know what bag you have and what they can carry comfortably. Take a look through luggage comparisons to see the pros and cons of each type of bag and their suitability for your needs.

For A Short Flight

Packing for a short flight means that mostly everything can go in the luggage haul. However there are a few essentials for a short flight carry on, such as your money and ID. Keep these on you at all times as you never know when your suitcase can go missing. Also keep a mini toiletries such as hand sanitizer in a plastic bag in your carry on as children’s sticky fingers are a lot more likely to occur when you touch down in another country. It also helps with your peace of mind. Any necessary medication needs to go in your carry on even if your flight will only take a couple of hours as emergencies can strike at any time.

Whew! Now the essentials are out of the way, we can talk about recreational items. Disconnect from the outside with a good book or kindle in your carry on to keep you entertained on a short flight. When you’re stuck in the air with nothing but mindfulness keeping you going, it can get incredibly boring.

For A Longer Flight

These need a more hardy packing concept. When it comes to carry ons, make sure you once again have all the short term essentials of money and medication. It’s more important this time that these items are included as an all nighter will require some cash for the food service. Feeding little hungry mouths is also the best way to get them to settle down for a refreshed touch down the next day.

First of all, make sure you have comfortable footwear on your feet. If you want to rock up to the plane in style, make sure you’ve packed something loungeable in your carry on for having a rest. Socks and slippers have a great distinction here. Compression socks will also work wonders for circulation on long haul flights if you’re particularly worried about that, but otherwise they aren’t entirely necessary.

Pack as much water as you can. Don’t let the altitude dry you out and stay hydrated for a much more comfortable flight. If you have no spare room, a good idea is to bring an empty bottle that can be refilled on request.