A Guide to Keeping Your Children Entertained Throughout the Summer

Summertime provides the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your children. However, with no school to occupy their minds or bodies, it’s easy for kids to become a little bored. To ensure your daughter or son has fun all summer long, we’re offering a helpful guide on how to keep your children entertained during the school break.

A Baking Day

Enjoy a baking day together each week, so your kids can get their hands dirty in the kitchen. Allow your son or daughter to pick a child-friendly recipe in advance and stock up on the ingredients. If your child can read, ask them to read the recipe aloud and to follow the steps under your supervision. Work with them step-by-step, so they create the perfect treat the whole family will love. It’s a great way to keep them entertained, while developing a passion and skill for baking.

An Assault Course

Want to pry your children’s eyes away from the TV screen for a few hours to enjoy some fresh air in the great outdoors? Make a fun assault course in your back garden. Fill the outdoor space with buckets, chairs and boxes for them to jump, climb and crawl over or under. Time the children so they will aim to beat their record every time they go around the assault course. It will also ensure they sleep soundly in their beds at night time.

Go Camping

Ensure your children don’t spend their summer days connected to a mobile phone or device by taking the kids camping. It’s a great way to say goodbye to modern technology; instead, you can sing songs around a campfire, go on a family hike or enjoy an outdoor barbeque. They’ll love pitching a tent, helping you build a fire and going on a scavenger hunt.

Plan Play Dates

Children will more than likely miss their school friends during summer. Ensure they have a break to remember by scheduling in play dates with their friends’ parents in advance. Your child will love playing with their friends all day long, and it will give the parents an opportunity to get some work done or socialise with other Mums and Dads. You can also each take turns to host the play date, so you can benefit from a babysitter for a few hours to relax or go out on a date.

Start Skating

Embrace the summer sun with a fun pair of skates the kids can use almost anywhere. Teach your child how to use their first roller skates, or encourage them to develop their skating skills with inline skates. If they’re youngsters, consider buying them a pair of Heelys. Not into skates? Then consider a skateboard instead. All of the aforementioned are a great way to encourage your son or daughter to leave the computer games behind to enjoy a fun exercise. Click here to find the ideal skates for your child.

Summer Swimming

Keep your child cool in the summer sun by enjoying a spot of swimming. Take your child along to a family-friendly leisure centre that allows them to splash about, socialise with other children and learn a lifelong skill. The water also offers a calming effect to relax active children, and it will burn a considerable amount of energy to ensure they’re well-behaved once they return home.