The One With The Cyclist

I feel like we’ve just been in a car crash.

Watching the event unfold in front of my eyes and the way I feel right now after it has happened is the way I felt when we witnessed a horrific accident several years ago and when a car went into the back of us last year. I’m angry, sad and feeling so emotions that I’m already on my second cup of tea and seventh cry this morning.

It was a rainy school run today; it was wellies for the little ones and raincoats all around. When it rains I get the pleasure of Dylan walking, the one day we get to leave the pram at home. I love walking with Dylan in one hand and Charlotte in the other, Oli will walk along near us, and we spend that 10-minute walk chatting. It’s one of my favourite times of the day.

Only today was not one of my favourite days, half way through our school run just as we walked alongside the supermarket and through a well-used entry and exit to this supermarket, a cyclist came speeding down the path and crashed into my family, catching Oli. Her back wheel went up in the air, obviously from braking, and she came off. It was just like a car crash, and the result could have been just as bad as if a car came on the path into my children.

She apologised, but I couldn’t look her in the eyes after my initial look at her. I was too busy trying to calm down my children and find out if Oli was OK. He was distraught and took some calming down. She went off and knew obviously how in the wrong she was as she went on to the road if only she had previously done that.  Oli was ok to walk on, and I made sure he was checked over by a first aider when he arrived at school, he had escaped with just a scrap to the ankle. It could have been so much worse. School promised to contact me if anything changed.

I then went on to drop Charlotte at pre-school, Dylan had already been dropped off as I knew he wouldn’t understand why we needed to go into Oli’s school. She couldn’t stop talking about it, she’s three so, of course, it was confusing to her what had happened. We reassured her Oli was OK but she was telling people ‘Oli is hurt’ so I had to explain to her teachers what had happened.

I hate how someone’s stupid mistake can affect people’s lives, we all make mistakes but when it comes to people’s lives and wellbeing that’s when you need to think. She shouldn’t have been on that path; she should have been on the road, and her shouldn’t have been going so fast in this wet weather. I am very angry at her but yet I’m now wondering if she had hurt herself, guess that’s the Christian inside of me.

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