Decanting Club

Most of us like receiving fun things in the post but receiving wine in the post beats receiving bills that’s for sure. The Decanting Club offered me the chance to explore some wine with them, a glass at a time and I happily accepted this offer. Wine in the post? Genius idea!

It came with my standard mail (so yeah alongside the bills and various unsolicited post) in a white envelope addressed to me. Inside it contained two sachets of wine for us to try out along with some postcards which included some information about the wine we received.


The sachets were labelled with which wine it held; we received the Te Awa, Left Field from Hawke’s Bay and the Valle Reale from Trebbiano d’Abruzzo. We got a glass of white wine and a glass of red white to try out which suited the husband and me as I’m a white wine drinker and he’s rather fond of the red. What you’ll get upon signing up is the same but with one 150ml glass of wine for you to swirl, sniff and taste.


The postcard contained everything we needed to know from the year to the region where it was produced. The other side of the postcard goes into more detail about the wine as well as giving you some handy information about to serve it as well as recommendations on what food to match it with. It will vary each week between red and white with the occasional glass of rose wine chosen by the Decanting Club wine expert.


A glass of wine during the week is perfect for busy Mums and Dads like me and the Man who want a midweek treat without the temptation (and hangover) which could come with a full bottle of wine. We did like the handy suggestion of what food to team it with, and we took the recommendation on the Valle Reale postcard and had our wine alongside some Spaghetti Carbonara. It was also brilliant having the recommended serving temperature listed, that right temperature really does make a difference to the taste.

Being a member of the Decanting Club means that you get a discount on wine purchased by the case. You simply add the wines that you’re tried and like and you can receive a mixed case. If there’s one wine in particular that you like, then you can purchase a complete case for immediate delivery.


We think it’s a brilliant service which would make a unique gift for someone if you wasn’t interested in becoming a member yourself. Quite often we pick up a bottle of wine as a thank you/birthday gift, but I like how quirky it would be to give a month’s worth of weekly wine as a gift instead allowing the recipient to try out new wines and be surprised as they receive wine through their letterbox.