Bob The Builder Switch & Fix Bob


I was ten was Bob The Builder came on to our TV screens so I remember it well especially as I had younger brothers who would watch it. Fast forward 18 years and now I have a daughter who LOVES watching Bob The Builder with her brothers. She is a huge fan and a Bob The Builder workbench takes pride of place in her bedroom.

She was excitedly sent a Bob The Builder Switch & Fix Bob to review from Fisher Price. She approached her review just like Bob would approach any job he was given, with a hard hat and sheer determination.


We took Bob out the box and fixed on his welding mask and popped the jackhammer, saw, and auger tool on to his rotating tool belt.


Charlotte then followed my instructions of pressing down on Bob’s head to quick draw the tool that was just under his right hand on his tool belt. Pressing down again detaches it and pops it back into his tool belt, you can then rotate the belt for Bob to pick up another tool.




Charlotte thought it was brilliant and squealed in delight as he magically picked up these tools and put them back down again. When she pressed Bob’s head, it activates lights and phrases with Bob’s familiar phrases and song. Charlotte enjoyed singing along with him and making up her own phrases as she played with it. I’ve added some video to the bottom of the post so you can see for yourself exactly how Bob’s rotating toolbelt works.


We think it’s a brilliant toy and has been something different to the many toys her and her brothers have played with over the years. It’s quirky the way it can pick up the tool and reattached it just by pressing down on the helmet. All 3 of the children have enjoyed exploring playing with Bob and his rotating tool belt, for 4-year-old Dylan with a love of all things sensory he liked the LED which lit up every time Bob got his tool.