Introducing The Magic Of Disney With Disneylife

Some of my fondest memories as a child was sitting down to watch Disney films with my siblings, some of my clearest memories from my younger days are from when I watched movies like Bambi, Aladdin & Toy Story for the very first time. One week I would want to be Belle, and the next week the Genie. It was the start of bringing to life my imagination in a way that only classics from Disney could do.

Disney is one of those free past times which you can pass on to your children. It’s with great fondness that my three have discovered the films and have grown to love watching the Disney channel at every opportunity possible. Disneylife have helped to make it free for you to introduce your child to Disney with a 7 day free trial of Disneylife and with a fantastic offer of paying just £4.99 a month once the trial has ended.


It was simple to sign up for; I signed up using my Disney account which we already have thanks to our previous Disneyland trip. If you don’t have a Disney account, it’s simple to sign up for following the onscreen instructions. Then you add your payment card, don’t worry, your card will not be charged until your free trial ends unless it’s cancelled beforehand which you can do at any time.

We then came to a screen which told me I could download DisneyLife as an app so I popped it on my Android phone, the iPad and then proceeded on the laptop to set it up. It allowed me to create a profile for the family and via my account, I could add parental restrictions. The restrictions allowed me to stop the children from accessing content aimed at PG or 12+ and I had the ability to set time limits for during the week and weekend.

Disneylife Profiles

The kids dived straight in and our first night using it coincided with pizza and movie night, so up on the big screen, it went. Between us, we decided on watching Hercules, one of my all time favourites with one cracking soundtrack. It was the first time the kids had watched this film, and they thought it was fantastic, another hero to add to their collection. There are so many movies and TV programmes to explore that I don’t believe that we are ever going to struggle to find something to watch. It’s not just for kids either, the man and I are going to use it to re-watch the Pirates Of The Caribbean boxset.


I just love everything about this app, from the vast selection of images for the children to pick from for their profile photo to the fact we can watch it anywhere. We’re heading away during the school holidays and where we’re staying has wi-fi, so armed with their tablets, the kids will be thoroughly entertained thanks to DisneyLife.

I asked some of the UK’s top Parent Bloggers what their favourite Disney films are & why..

 Emma Reed My favourite more recently has to be Frozen. The first to have the ‘prince charming’ fool the woman and the first to show the love between two sisters. Loved that twist. Plus great songs!!

Champagne & PetalsI’m favourite Disney film has to be The Little Mermaid. I love the song/ and enjoying singing along to them with my little girl. It was also the first film I remember watching with my Mum at the cinema.

Boo Roo and Tigger TooBeauty and the Beast, as it shows that you need to look past what’s on the outside to see the beauty within.

TwinderelmoToy Story. It’s absolutely timeless and has something for everyone in it no matter what age/gender. Plus it has two pretty awesome main characters that are so iconic.

Hello Beautiful BearPocahontas. All about being at one with the earth, love between those who you wouldn’t expect to be together, nature and animals, etc. Also, my Mum took me when I was little, and we loved it so much we went to Woolworths across the road to buy the tape, so it has good memories.

Not A Perfect ParentMy current favourite is Moana! She’s not your stereotypical Princess! And I love that it’s a family film that everybody can enjoy! Plus the music is catchy but not entirely annoying!

Five Little DovesThe Lion King. I can remember pre-ordering it on video from W H Smiths and getting a free mug as part of the deal. I love everything about it, know it off by heart and every song word for word. We watch it at least 3 times a week, sometimes more!!

The Brick Castle Up – it’s Pixar Disney, and I’m assuming counts. The most heartbreakingly beautiful love story ever – in 10 minutes.

What is your favourite Disney film?

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