What’s A Perfect Work Life Balance?

Hi, it’s Clare from Emmy’s Mummy and Harry’s too here. I’ve been Blogging full time now for the past few years and this year my little piece of the Internet turns 6.
What started as a hobby for me soon turned into a good source of income, then an even better one when I gave up work.
Blogging is a strange ‘job’ and there aren’t many who ‘get it’ when I try to explain how it’s actually possible to make as much doing this as when I was a full time Nanny.


For me it was an easy step to make, I was home all day with children in my line of work so I was used to that lack of adult and outside interaction. Used to entertaining children while doing household chores. This was a step into just adding a little writing into that equation and not having the commute to do too.


It seemed perfect. My children have a mum who is home with them all day, my husband has a dinner on the table when he gets home and the housework gets done (well that’s the ideal but doesn’t always happen).


The reality is however a tad different from that. Kids get poorly and need Mummy, schools close for inset days and even power cuts. Bugs and germs are shared and when I really do need to get that post written and sent off for approval or have a deadline to meet I’m often snuggled up on the sofa mopping brows and spooning in Calpol.
Working from home isn’t actually as easy or ideal as it sounds all of the time. I very often don’t get the laptop out until 9.30pm when the kids are finally asleep, deadlines get missed and sleep foregone in a bid not to see another 2am finish.
But do you know what?  I really wouldn’t have it any other way.


So, what is a perfect work life balance?  I have absolutely no idea. I’m yet to find it but I’m enjoying what I do and the time I get to spend with my children, watching them grow and never missing an assembly.