10 Cheap/Free Things To Do This Easter

If you’re worried about Easter and the kids, don’t be! There’s plenty you can do at no cost to you! We’ve even got a suggestion that might even help you make money!

So don’t worry about Easter being too egg-spensive, and we have came up with 10 great things to do with your kids! They won’t cost you anything, and you’ll be able to keep those kids entertained while they’re home from school. Here’s how you can keep them happy for either no cost, or only a few pennies on the pound.


Puppet Time!

There’s always the “puppet making kits” that are available at Poundland. They’re only £1, which is a great price for what you get. Inside is everything you’ll need in order to make a puppet Easter bunny. You’ll find felt, stickers, and other supplies. Alternatively, you could use it to make a bookmark! It’s always nice to have a few of those handy, just in case.


Head Out For Lunch

This is one of the more expensive ones, since eating out can be a bit costly. However, if you check online you can often find discounts and coupons. For example, Chiquito has a voucher for a free entree, drink, dessert, and activity pack. Alternatively, you can register online at the Old Orleans chain, and receive a free voucher!


Go Out Dancing

There are dance clubs that have free trial sessions, especially during school holidays. One such club is Diddi Dance, where you can enjoy a funky dance class at one of the multiple locations available. Head to the website to search for their nearest location, and simply book a session!


Enjoy And Experience History

There’s been a lot of war history in the country, and there’s a lot to learn about it. If you think children learning history is a good idea, there’s always the Imperial War Museum North, which is based over in Manchester. It runs a new display for Easter this year. “Oceans Apart” is the story of children, just like yours, evacuated during the war. This is an event that’s absolutely free for all involved, and the museum hours are from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.


Freebie & Deal Sites

1000’s of people across the country love a good deal, so why not Google some deal or freebie sites to see what you can find. WOW UK freebies and free samples offer 100’s of freebies and some could be perfect for the kids.


Head To The Movies

The cinema is expensive these days, and it could cost as much as £35 for a family of four to see a movie. However, heading there on an early weekend morning will get you a ticket for only £1! There are two great cinemas, Cineworld and Vue, that offer special kids’ events for weekends. It lets you spend some time enjoying movies with your children, and maybe reliving some childhood memories of your own!


Easter Egg Hunting

There are over 200 locations around the country hosting this year’s “Easter Egg Trails”. Hosted by National Trust and Cadbury, you can gain entry for around £2 a person. The hunts are set up for groups of children, and they find the chocolate egg after looking for clues. It’s a great way to get some physical activity and mental stimulation all at once!


Try A Farm “Open Day”

It’s lambing season every April, and many farms take advantage of this. There are many of them that will hold event days allowing children to see and play with lambs, feed them, and also learn about farming and conservation. In general, farms don’t charge admission for these events. However, there are some farms that will charge, such as Whirlow Hall Farm in Sheffield. That said, they usually include multiple fun activities such as pony rides, so it’s a reasonable cost.


Tennis Training

Tennis clubs are expensive, and kids are often excluded from private courts. So why not try to find a free court? You can find more than 2,000 tennis courts that are open to the public all across the UK. By going to www.tennisforfree.com, you can find directions to the one nearest you.


Take A Trip On A Train

London traffic is insane, and driving along the coast can be costly. A trip on the train, however, is a mere £6 when you book smart. Book a “Group Save” deal, and save money. Trips available are London to Bath, Dover, Littlehampton, Worthing, Southend, or Cambridge.
Can you think of other great activities for cheap? Easter’s right around the corner, after all!