Travel America Wishlist

I’m Lyndsey, 30 and I blog over at Me, him, the dog and a baby! I live in North Norfolk with my husband, one year old daughter Erin and crazy dog Jackson.

I have always been a lover of travelling and holidays. I didn’t go abroad though until I was 18 but I got the bug straight away. I even lived in Canada for a while. It wasn’t until 2013 that my husband and I went to America for the first time though. I don’t know why but before this I just wasn’t that bothered. However, 2013 changed everything. We got married in Florida and LOVED every second of our wedding and honeymoon. Since then we managed to go to New York when I was 6 months pregnant and that was completely different.

I am always itching to go back to America and there are so many places I want to go. I wouldn’t say my wishlist is exactly what you’d think of straight away when you think of going to America but I’ll explain my reasons for each choice. You may notice a bit of a theme for some of them.

New England/ Boston

One of the biggest teen shows of the ’90s is still one of my all time favourites. If you’re not old enough to remember Dawson’s Creek then you’re missing you. Anyway, Dawson’s Creek was set in New England and more specifically, Boston in the later series. The show wasn’t even filmed there but since then I have looked up Boston numerous times and watched quite a bit about it on television. New England is supposed to be absolutely beautiful in the autumn and I am dying to go!

South Carolina

Fast forward a bit to the ‘noughties’ and I had another favourite teen series; One Tree Hill. This time it was filmed and set in South Carolina. Strangely, Wilmington, South Carolina is where both One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek were filmed, as well as parts of films like Dirty Dancing and The Hunger Games. You can actually go on tours of some of these sets.


Yes, this one is the theme of a television show as well but not completely why I want to go there. I actually wanted to go there long before the TV show. As Nashville is the home of country music I think it would be such a different place to visit compared with overly touristy places like Florida and New York. I know there will be a touristy feel to it in places as I’m sure a lot of places do but I would love to just go and listen to some fantastic music and eat some good food.

These might not be on the majority of people’s wishlists when it comes to having a holiday in America but having done two of the most popular places to visit, I want something different now!