Why We Keep Returning To Disney World

Everyone has a happy place don’t they? I have spoken to friends who say their happy place is Hengistbury Head, a lovely beach area in Dorset. I admit it’s a great place to visit, and we often do, especially with the dog, but I’ve never thought it was my happy place. I didn’t really know where my happy place was until the summer of 2014 when we went to Walt Disney World for the first time.

A once in a lifetime holiday that had always been in the back of my mind, but knowing how much it cost had always pushed it down the priority list. It was only because my mother in law decided that she was taking the family, that we all went along. Who could say no?


Words just cannot describe the feelings that you get when you are in the most magical place on earth. We had visited in the Summer so the weather was really hot, but even that didn’t put us off. We could rest by swimming in the pool to cool off. That first trip was for 12 nights, and when we got back, I REALLY wanted to go again. I knew it was going to take a lot of saving up for so we decided to make more of a conscious effort to save and tried to forget about it.


After a few months, I felt like it was all I could think about. I was looking back through our photos and desperate to go back again, Hubby and I decided to book a second trip. We would make ourselves pay for it. Our second trip turned out to be a 10 night trip, staying in the same resort as the first time, the Caribbean Beach resort. The magic was amazing even the second time around and we had the bonus of knowing what we were doing this time in terms of booking Fastpasses and dining reservations.

When we got back home after our second trip in spring 2016, the desire to go back was even stronger than when we returned after the first trip. This could get dangerous. I knew we couldn’t afford to just go ahead and book another trip, so I tried to put it out of my mind. In our family, I am definitely the Disney lover, Miss A loves Disney too, but she also is equally happy in a pool for seven days in a warm country. Hubby is happy as long as I’m happy, or that’s what he says. I am definitely the driving force behind the Disney holidays.


After a few months of attempting to forget, pricing up different holiday packages, looking at flights and working out budgets, I almost booked a holiday on so many different occasions. I’m not frivolous with money and we work hard for what we have, but I just couldn’t get the thought of another holiday out of my mind. It would be sensible to wait a year or so and save more, but my mindset has been firmly in the “you only live once” camp recently, and Miss A turns 10 years old this year, so I am keen to make as many memories before the stroppy teenager in her appears.

As it’s now 2017, I can say we’re going to Walt Disney World this year! Some may call me crazy, and that’s fine. We don’t spend a lot of money on going out, and plenty of people choose to spend their money in different ways. Disney is how I choose to spend mine.
That’s why we keep returning to Walt Disney World! Where is your happy place?


Angela at The Life Of Spicers.