How I saved BIG money on my DIY Holiday to America!

My name’s Jon and I run a website called The Money Shed. It’s all about earning money from home and those of you that follow me on social media will know I’ve been on a fair few glamorous holidays in the last few years entirely paid for by entirely by my online earnings and Emma has been kind enough to let me detail how I saved money on my first trip to America with you.

Many people when they venture on holiday tend to do a package holiday. Everything gets thrown together and you feel like there is someone you can call on at any point in the holiday should you need it or worse still if something should go wrong.

On our first trip to America in 2015 we went to Florida and for some reason (ie, money!) we decided to do it DIY. This was out first trip across the Atlantic and from the moment I booked the plane tickets via a broker site I knew this was either going to go very well or very wrong.

As the time got closer to going I was getting more and more confident with my bookings. I knew what I wanted and was able to look at a lot of different websites that offered the same thing to get the best price. I had a freedom that I hadn’t felt when booking package holidays before.

People at work kept saying to me I was nuts as what if something went wrong in the hotel while we were over there and we didn’t have access to a rep. Well in all the times I’ve been on holiday before I’ve never needed a rep so why would this one be any different. I’ve hired cars before, I’ve been on planes before and the more you think about it the more you realise that 99% of the holidays you go on you don’t even have anything to do with the rep once you are settled. I think the only exception was a 18-30 holiday I went on where the reps only job was to sell you overpriced excursions!!!

By the time I came to fly I was feeling pretty proud of myself. I had saved an absolute ton of money (in the hundreds!) and I actually felt I had a lot more control than just relying on Virgin Holidays to have sorted everything for me. In fact, the only downside I can think of was all the printouts I had to take with me. Planes > Car Rental > Hotel > Park Tickets etc.

Once you get to the airport and get on your plane you realise that you have a ticket and the airline aren’t going to see you go wrong. It’s their job to get you from A to B no matter how you ended up having a seat on their plane. Same goes for the hotel!

Some people might think it was extremely brave to do your first long haul holiday DIY style but as I mentioned above it just gave us a far greater sense of control over the whole thing that I really appreciated as I was able to tailor everything on the holiday to be exactly how we wanted it to be.

So next time to are planning your big family vacation instead of starting your booking process with one of the main players on the high street why not load up SkyScanner and start looking at where you can save money on the whole thing.

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