He Cannot Tell Me What’s Wrong!

Every parent will understand what I mean when I say that my heart feels broken whenever one of my children become ill. It practically exploded back when Charlotte broke her elbow. With Dylan, my heartstrings are tugged in a different way to his brother and sister. See Dylan has non-verbal autism, this means he does not speak, so he does not have a way of letting us know what is wrong. We don’t know if he has a headache, if his tummy aches or if there’s something more serious going on.


There are lots of bugs going around at the moment, Oli just got over Slapped Cheek, and I’ve only just got over being ill, and Dylan seems to of caught one of these bugs. Even Charlotte after her morning at nursery yesterday has woke up all snotty nosed this morning.

I often explain Dylan to people by saying it’s like having a newborn again, I still have to change his nappies, guess what’s wrong when he cries, and one of the only few foods that he will eat is yoghurt, and the fruit flavoured Ella’s Kitchen sachets. He’s refusing to eat and drink, and he does know the importance of keeping fluids on board, he as a temperature but will not take medicine. Usually, we can spike a frube with some medicine or mix it into his milk, but that would involve trying to get a drink.

This is why seeing Dylan unwell breaks my heart more than when Charlotte or Oli are ill; they tell me what the problem is. Between their cries, they will tell me where the pain is or that they are going to be sick. They will take fluids because they know it’s the key to getting better along with some medicine to bring down their temperature. Parenting a special

Parenting a special needs child continues to be one of the most challenging parts of our lives.