The One With The Term Time Holiday

One of those parenting topics that comes up in the new every couple of year is the ‘Term Time Holiday’ discussion and once again is in the news ‘Term Time Holiday Ban Would Criminalise Parents, Supreme Court Told’. We are ‘accidentally’ taking a term time holiday this month thanks to the school holiday confusion and me being the scatty, confused person that I am. I booked the wrong week for us to go to New York and we then decided it would be cheaper to risk the fine from our local authority than cancel our flights.

The only thing that would have stopped us is if would have been illegal for us to have taken the boys out of their schools for the holiday. If doing so would have made us criminals then we would have had no choice but of cancelled and that would deter us from ever thinking about taking the children out of school during term time to go on holiday.

Holiday is a strong term for what we plan on doing, travelling would be the better word considering whenever we go away not much relaxing is done, and we prefer to swallow up the sights and consume all that is on offer to us tourist wise. I do feel that parenting guilt that taking Oli out of school may disrupt his education for one week; I am hoping that his teacher will let me know in which way we can make up any missed work. If this had been an important exam year or if Oli has been any older than the school would have trumped our getaway.

The fact we got the wrong dates explains why the flights were so much cheaper then if we would have done it term time. But how sad is it that that is even an issue? Instead of putting pressure on parents to avoid taking kids out of school during term time, the government should be knocking at the doors of these holiday companies and airlines. I now have all school holidays on a travel availability calendar right up until 2018 so that I know what dates we can book without risking fines or possible court appearances.