The 3rd Week

How gorgeous can those windy smiles be?! If that’s what those gas induced ones are like, then we can’t wait to see her real smiles! Her facial expressions are changing by the week, and she certainly recognises our voices, it only takes one of us to speak when near the other, and she’ll shoot her face round to lay eyes on you.

She’s never seemed small to me, despite her weight and what everyone says but she did seem tiny to me when she’s in Daddy’s arms! Still, very much perfect though, and I’m still wanting to scream anytime I hear the words ‘oh she’s so small’.

week 3 1

St Patricks Days saw my pregnancy twinny It Started With A Squish have her baby girl! Well done Danielle! So proud of you!! You have one gorgeous baby girl, but then she totally gets that from her Mummy. I feel honoured that we got to share our pregnancy journey, here’s to sharing the baby days.

We popped her onto her playmat for the first time this week; I think this excited her brothers who had much fun watching her and turning on the music for her.

Charlotte On Her Playmat playmat fun

Spent the start of the week dreading the man going back to work. I dont know what I was going to miss more, him or the cups of tea he bought me in bed in the mornings: that and his help with doing the school run. It’s been nice having him home for the last few weeks, we’ve got so much done and those few weeks were precious to us bonding as a new family of 5. I do feel like I’ve adjusted well with having that stepping stone. Here’s to my upcoming solo parenting, I think I’ll cope. I think.

Such nice weather at the weekend that we joined our neighbours in a BBQ. Charlotte spent most of it sleeping while we consumed chicken and burgers. We did, however, get cuddles with their gorgeous girlie Amelie, think she was stunned by the brightness of the man’s Liverpool top.

week 3 2

We had Oli unwell again & in tears about his ear hurting, we realised it was because of the bath that he had, and he got some water in it, or it could have been all the blowing of the nose he’s been doing with this never-ending cold.

I spent one lovely evening chilling with the NCT girls, can’t believe Charlotte slept all through it!! I thought I would be paying for it when I got home, but I think we had our best sleep filled night to date. It was nice to be out of the house with just Charlotte & to be socialising again; I became such a recluse in those last couple of weeks of pregnancy.

She got her first experience of IKEA this week, something not to be forgotten. She slept most of the way around and woke food a feed just as we were getting back to the car. Very proud of her & Dylan for allowing us some fuss-free furniture shopping.

week 3 3

So Thursday daddy went back to work, Oli was still off thanks to that perforated eardrum, so it meant no battling the school run for me. She spent most the day sleeping which was good because I got on with the housework and entertaining her big brothers.

Fast asleep which is good because it means mummy can do housework/entertain big bros. What isn’t good is our upcoming health visitor appointment who’ll disturb this peace!

Think the baby blues have finally done one. Yeah, they were trying to sneak in. Right now I’m so blooming happy. I never imagined at the age of 25 I would be married to my best friend and blessed enough with three children. Not forgetting the fact I have some of the most amazing friends in my life who helped me through the tough times. 2014 I salute you.

week 3 6


This weeks baby stats…

Milestones – Oh I’m sure first BBQ & trip to IKEA has to be right up there!

Nappy Size – 0. Hoping she’ll fit into real nappies soon, I forget how much many they go through.

Clothes Size – Tiny Baby.