Sofa Sofa Scatter Cushions


Back when I was pregnant with Dylan I had a craving for something other than food, I started craving cushions. I wanted scatter cushions all over the house, and I immediately went out and bought ten cushions to go on my sofa cushion to replace the three discoloured, falling apart ones I had. You should have seen my toddler and me trying to carry them home using just his pushchair, and our hands as the shop didn’t have any carrier bags.

Five years later and I’m regularly swapping the cushions and buying new ones simply because I like the colour. I’ve even gone from being one of those people who does not like cushions on the bed to religiously chucking a few on every time I make it in the morning. When Sofa Sofa asked if I would like to review some, it appealed to that cushion craving so naturally, I said yes. I picked the Austen Scatter Cushion in Flanders Blue as I knew it would go with the new sofa I’ll be getting in the New Year.

They sell over 50 different fabric designs in 100s of colours for you to choose. Perfect place to look if you are looking for a particular colour to compliment your sofa, wallpaper or even bedspread. I’m pretty pleased with both the fabric and colour that I chose. The cushion is comfortable enough for me to squish up into and relax without it losing its shape, it’s become my new Netflix cushion as I’ll snuggle up into it/use it as my pizza plate rest/foot blanket.

Please say I’m not alone with my cushion craving?