The One With That Favourite Toy

If I had to pick just one toy from my childhood which would stand out as my all time, favourite toy then it would have to be my Polly Pockets. Oh, how I adored collecting those sets and joining the pocket-sized cases together to create my own little world. I would spend hours playing with them in my bedroom with just Polly & friends and my imagination for company. Fast forward through the 90′ and the 00s, and now I’m here with three children of my own who each now have their favourite toys.

One look at the Christmas list I asked Oli to write out, and I think you will be able to guess what his favourite toy is instantly! (LEGO!) I have already explained to him that I don’t think ‘Father Christmas’ will be able to get him the whole list, but he will try his best to get him some of the sets that he would like. The boy is LEGO mad and his bedroom as well as most of the other rooms in the house, are all covered head to toe in LEGO sets and just stray LEGO pieces.


Now when it comes to the other two, it’s a guessing game to which their favourite toys are. If I was to get them to attempt a Christmas list,  I am pretty sure it would just result in some colourful scribbles. I have learnt I can never go wrong when it comes to picking toys based on the TV programmes they like so I took Charlotte to our local Smyths Toy Store so she could show me what interested her toy wise herself, as I predicted she was all about the Paw Patrol toys like most children her age.


A new favourite toy of hers is anything construction based, and she’s all about the diggers and tractors. She is that age where her favourite toy is changing by the week so that she may be all about the diggers now but by next week it may be baby dolls or puzzles. I look forward to the day I watch as she develops a love for one toy like I did my Polly Pockets and her brother with LEGO.


Before leaving we attempted to recreate the ‘If I Were A Toy’ advert from Smyths and had a go on the ride on toys. Pretty sure this Paw Patrol ride on toy will be topping many toddler’s ‘scribble’ Christmas list this year!


This is a collaborative post.