Brick Live – Birmingham NEC 2016


When you are as crazy about LEGO as what this household is, and you find out there is a LEGO show  45 minutes away then there wasn’t really a choice in the matter, we just had to go along to Brick Live!



We all felt that WOW factor when we walked in and was surrounded by our favourite toy. The kid’s eyes lit up and were running left, right and centre to look at various LEGO creations.


I was particularly excited about the opportunity to look at retro LEGO, the sets that led to all the amazing sets I have sat on my shelves right in front of me. All of it was eye candy to me, and I enjoyed pointing out to Oli how far LEGO has come over the years. I actually have some Fabuland pieces and characters from a reason LEGO haul I acquired which I look forward to fixing up and displaying!







After our nostalgic tour we went and viewed all the fan-made creations and was blown away by some of the LEGO building talent out there. It certainly inspired us to come home and have a think to what amazing original piece we could come up with ourselves.







Just how fantastic is this Beauty & The Beast castle?! It even had a  Beauty & The Beast inside of it dancing away.



1.30pm on the stage saw the fancy dress competition which Oli was very excited about. We had brought along his new LEGO Ninjago Lloyd costume to wear which we had been sent to review.


Sadly for Oli, he wasn’t the only one to turn up this costume, bad news for him but good news for sales of that range. So that pretty much took his winning chance away, queue one of those chats about how everyone is a winner and how proud of him we are no matter what. As we were waving him off Charlotte puckered her lips to kiss me, and I just knew what she was going to do next, and she did! She kissed me, said bye mummy and followed some kids up the step.





And you know what? She stole the crowd’s hearts that daughter of mine, she took that adorable factor and used it to her advantage to win the loudest cheers meaning alongside the homemade Benny, she won! The sound isn’t very good on the following video but you might be able to hear her saying ‘YEAAAHH’ into the microphone. We half expected her to break into her rendition of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’!

Next door to the stage was the Worlds’ Biggest LEGO Ship from DFDS; more details abut the ship can be found here. Kudos to them for the big inflatable man with air (bet you there’s a more technical term for what I saw) which our autistic son Dylan absolutely loved. Lots of excited flapping and smiles came from his while in his pushchair!


We then headed to the on sight Toys R Us shop which was just full of nothing but LEGO sets and most of them at a lower price as well. We grabbed a few polybags of LEGO; Oli grabbed a set which had a Venom character in which he was desperate to have in LEGO form and I treated myself to the new LEGO Idea Beatles Yellow Submarine set which hadn’t even been released on the LEGO website yet!


Mini Scooby Doo meets Big Scooby Doo and LEGO Scooby-Doo over at the Warner Bros #ScoobyDoo MeetsYou stand!


This family is a sucker for a tombola stand so naturally, we had to have a go on the Fairy Bricks tombola to be in with the chance of winning various LEGO prizes. We all came away with a new mini figure each and got to see the finishing bricks placed on this brilliant Halloween LEGO floor mural.



All 5 of us had a fun packed family day out at Brick Live, and we are already looking forward to the new one, even if it means travelling further. We recommend any LEGO fan, young, old or in between to pop along for some spectacular brick related fun.