Finding Dory At Sea Life Centre Birmingham


You have until the 30th September to swim on down to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham for the Finding Dory event. Go on an interactive trail where you will discover facts about the real life fish behind our favourite Pixar characters, Dory and Nemo.


We were given a free family pass to go along and join in with the trail and have a family fun day out at the Sea Life Centre Birmingham. It’s worth noting that children under 3 go free and for fellow parents of a disabled child you can also attend for free as your child’s Carer.  Birmingham is one of those places which is easily accessible by car and public transport, but if it’s not close enough for you then one of the other 11 locations may be.


We were handed our Finding Dory worksheet upon entry and set off to find the hidden clues around the centre.  I like the idea of doing something like on top a normal visit to an aquarium, the children have the added joy of completing a task on top of the excitement of seeing all the fish.



Oli certainly got into the spirit of hunting out the clues to spell out his word, especially when he heard there was a prize at the end of it. None of the kids was born when Finding Nemo originally came out, but that has not stopped them from discovering the film since Charlotte knew exactly who the clownfish was and took great delight in pointing out ‘Nemo’ to us.



We had an enjoyable afternoon watching the jellyfish, running away from the sharks, hiding from the octopus and smiling at all the different fishes we came across. The entry prices are fair; the layout is good, and the kids had lots of fun – we couldn’t ask for more for a family day out. Plus if you do go to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham there is so much to do nearby such as shopping in the Bullring or the free to enter museum.


We have not got round to watching Finding Dory at the cinema yet, but I think our local one is due to get it soon, so that’s our next family outing sorted. Have you seen the film yet?