California Day 4 – Pretend City Children’s Museum

I think one of the things I was most excited about experiencing in America was the food and the in particular American breakfasts. That was exactly what we got down the road from our hotel at Cocos Bakery Restaurant. It was the kind of place you walked into to be greeted by a cabinet full of the most delicious looking pies you have ever laid your eyes on. We kept saying we would get one to take away with us but by the time we finished our breakfasts we could not face looking at any more food! By our third visit, we had learnt that we didn’t need to order food for the kids as there was enough on our plates to go around!



Right next door to Cocos is Target, so we headed there after breakfast for even more shopping; you will not be surprised to hear that we almost hit our weight limit on all our cases on our return flight home!


When we got back to the hotel, we headed to the designated Disneyland desk to grab the Southern California CityPass, which would allow us three days at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure and a day at SeaWorld and Legoland. As Charlotte was under three, we only had to buy a pass for the boys and us adults.


We didn’t do much on day four as that evening we had a visit to Pretend City Children’s Museum planned, though you wouldn’t think that from this photo of the children on our way there. While researching possible days out and activities before coming over I discovered that the museum offers a monthly family autism event for free, and there just happened to be one on a day that we were just staying down the road. With Dylan having autism I was worried about how he would cope with anything we had planned for our getaway, so it was nice to have something which was especially for him.


It is set out like a small town which has everything a child may encounter during their week, from the mail sorting office to the supermarket and so much more! The children also have the chance to ‘work’ in many of the environments to then stamp their time cards which will then give them a wage at the cash point. There is so much opportunity for them to develop pretend play skills and bring their imagination to life that if you live locally or visiting then, we highly recommend taking your children along!

All three of mine had a fantastic evening of playing in a relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere. Dylan was unsure at first like he is in any environment like that but as time went on he was no longer dragging us to the exit and had fun exploring anything button related.

Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_US_postal_man_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_smile_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_picking_apples_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_phone_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_lights_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_checkouts_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_computer_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_construction_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_crossing_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_crutches_ Pretend_City_Childrens_ Museum_car_

Our journey home not only saw us seeing a rather beautiful Californian sunset but also the Angel Stadium, somewhere we regret not visiting during our stay but hey there is always next time!