California Day 3 – Downtown Disney & Easter Egg Hunts

As we missed the Egg Hunt the day before we looked again on Plan A Day Out and saw there was another egg hunt just down the road from us at Anaheim Marketplace. It turned out that we had arrived too early for the hunt, and it would be happening much later on. So it was back to that ‘Plan A Day Out’ website again to see what else we could do, Downtown Disney caught my eye, and it was free to explore.

We decided not to come across to California with an itinerary set in stone, we knew of some places we wanted to visit, but aside from that, we wanted to see how the children coped with the change of environment. Plus it was nice not having to stick to a schedule and being able to change our plans at the last minute.


One reason we picked the Hyatt Regency Orange County was that it was only 10 minutes away from Disney. We discovered how close we were on that first night when we heard and saw the fireworks and could see the top of Mickey’s Fun Wheel.


Downtown Disney is packed full of shops and restaurants, my idea of a fun afternoon and once the kids discovered there was a LEGO store they were on board with this idea as well.



After we had spent lots of dollars in the LEGO shop, we decided to go and spend even more at Build A Bear. I think I was more excited than the kids as I watched them browse the Bears to pick one to make and bring home with them. Oli surprised me with his choice; I thought he was going to go for one of the Star Wars bears, but instead he picked Toothless from How To Train A Dragon and strangely name it Dave. Charlotte fell in love with Chase from Paw Patrol the moment she saw him and Dylan we picked Olaf for him as it’s a character he is familiar with and from a film that he enjoys.



The kids got to stuff their bears and went through a ceremony to bring them to life wich involved popping a heart into them before they were sewn up and singing a song. It was adorable, and I regret not catching it on video as the kids were captivated by the process. Once the bears were all completed, we took them over to the bathing area for a quick scrub before registering our bears and making them official.





We were so ready for some food by the time we left Build-A-Bear that we walked straight into the open restaurant outside the store. If you ever happen to be in Anaheim then you have to plan a pitstop to Catal, you get a couple of hours free parking at Downtown Disney, which is more than enough time to fill up your tummy and empty your purse at a few of the stores.

These garlic fries and that salad were perfect, don’t you just wish you could reach into the screen and grab them?!



To make up for the lack of Easter egg hunt, I grabbed a bag of Hershey’s chocolate eggs from Target, which I hid around the room when we got back to the hotel that afternoon. The kids were happy they finally got to use their baskets, and we enjoyed consuming all the chocolate we discovered over the next few days which the children had missed!




After dinner, we headed to the sports area for some basketball, tennis and smores before collapsing into our beds. Zzz…