Things Mums Say They’ll Do When They Get Time To Themselves

Today’s post comes from one of my favourite bloggers Mama Mummy Mum, please do go check out her blog.


Time to yourself, as a mum, that’s the stuff dreams are made of isn’t it. I mean I’d literally be happy with 5 minutes peace and quiet, even 2 minutes just to sit on the toilet by myself. But the question is if mums really got time to themselves, like a whole morning perhaps, well what would they do? Here’s just 5 small things that I think us mums would enjoy….

1. Drinking a hot cuppa, and not one that’s been warmed up in the microwave five times over. A nice warm brew that can actually be drunk when it’s made, not 2 hours later, maybe a biscuit or 5 to dunk in it too. Thinking of the hob nobs now….

2. Leading onto being able to eat a whole meal without a child trying to pinch what you’re eating because obviously the same food on their plate isn’t good enough. Or being able to eat that chocolate bar you’ve been hiding without the fear of a child hearing the packaging rustling and coming to grab a bite. I mean who said sharing was caring anyway?!

3. Stepping into a gigantic bubble bath and lying back without rubber ducks floating around and the children that come with them sitting beside you. Although I’ll admit I do secretly play with the toys when the kids aren’t looking. Now the other dream would be to have a big enough bath that sharing wouldn’t mean being totally squashed!

4. Being in control of the TV. Ok as a parent I think we can all put our hands up and say that we’ve suddenly realised that we’re still watching kids programmes long after they’ve gone to bed (I’m a Ben and Holly fan) but sometimes it’s nice to put on a more “adult” programme and actually be able to hear what’s being said too.

5. Take a nap. There are many times I’ve sat down and thought I could really do with a little sleep, a power nap to recharge the batteries. Wouldn’t it be lovely to drop the kids off at school and be able to jump back into bed, especially if the bedding had just been washed. I can’t be the only one that gets excited about fresh sheets aaaaa.

However after all is said and done in reality when we do get time to ourselves none of the above things actually happen because those pesky fairies haven’t shown up to help out, you know the ones, the cooking fairy and the cleaning fairy. So whilst I’m dreaming of watching

TV with a hot cuppa in hand, what I’m actually doing is hoovering whilst waiting for the next load of washing to dry and deciding what to cook for dinner that day. For now I suppose I’ll just keep on dreaming.