Daredevil, Wonder Woman & LEGO #LittleLoves



Just finished reading ‘After You’ by Jojo Moyes, which was just as brilliant as ‘Me Before You’ so continuing my JoJo streak I have just downloaded ‘The One Plus One’ by her to read. Anyone else looking forward to watching the film version of ‘Me Before You’?


Started watching series 2 of Daredevil while on holiday and finished it on the last night, naturally like any Marvel programme I thoroughly enjoyed it and already looking forward to series 3. Did, however, find it more violent than the first series so there were lots of moments I had to look away for.


On the way to school Wednesday morning I asked Oli where in the world he would like to go . Next, I suggested maybe New York or somewhere in Europe. His reply? Butlins.



Umm, I am not the most creative of people but when thinking of making something LEGO comes to mind. Not a week goes by that I do not build LEGO! Huge fan and I have treated myself at LEGOLAND California to a little kit which I very much enjoyed building at 3 am the other night. Cheers jetlag.


Holiday outfits! *sigh* Oh what a shock it was to come back and not be waking up to putting on shorts and dresses. The weather is improving since we have been back, but not enough for me to be reaching for the flip flops just yet. Looking back at my Instagram this outfit made me giggle; twinning is totally winning, right?


I never used to be much of make up person before this year, but this year something happened in which I started to enjoy the way I can express myself through make up and I treated myself to some beauty box subscriptions. This Next lipstick from my glossy box is my new favourite lipwear, and I already want to stock up on it in case it runs out, and I can no longer get my hands on it!


And lastly..

Adjusting to being back home after a holiday is always strange, but that 8 hours difference has chucked our body clocks around, and my house seems huge after living in a hotel suite for a few weeks, I do miss having housekeeping come in every day, though!