Clangers Magazine


Who doesn’t love the Clangers? They have been around since 1969! One fact to wow your kid with but just don’t get offended if he asks if that was the year that you were born unless you were. Umm..Magazine! The Clangers have bought out a new magazine for us fans to enjoy each month and we were sent a copy to review!


The kids were sent the new magazine ahead of its release this Wednesday 27th April 2016. They made some agreement amongst them where Charlotte got one of the free magazine toys, a toy clanger while Dylan got the other free toy, the clanger whistle. Oli got the magazine which he read to his brother and sister before taking it off to do the activities inside.

The Clangers magazine is brightly coloured with plenty to do, and once the free toys have been put down than they have stickers to play with, and they can colour in their favourite Clangers characters. I like the educational aspects to it such as the alphabet poster and the number counting; it was activities like this which helped Oli to learn his alphabet and number so here’s hoping it will help his little brother and sister.



I asked Oli to tell me what he thought via video; we are not a family of vloggers and Charlotte spent most of it demanding that we switch Clangers back on. But hopefully, you will see how much the children enjoyed it, especially Oli who can read it for himself.