California Day 1 – Exploring The Hotel

Safe to say that by the time we had touched down in LAX airport, we were exhausted! We had been up since 4 am, drove to the airport, gone through the process of checking in/security with the children, the 11-hour plane ride and then had the slightly nerve-racking first car journey to the hotel. So the very first evening before this day one was spent ordering room service and settling everyone off to sleep.

The hotel – the Hyatt Regency in Orange County was booked at the same time as our flights with British Airways, and we realised during our stay that it was a fantastic location base for all we needed to do with many convenient amenities in the surrounding area. It was my birthday, and Christmas all rolled into one when I walked into the lobby and saw the hotel had a Starbucks. That was very much needed on that first morning after waking up early with Charlotte.


After a Starbucks pastry related breakfast we excitedly put on some summer clothes and headed up to the pool area, we had a game of basketball and decided we needed to grab our swimming stuff so that we could have a dip in the pool.



Oli discovered a new game to add to his hobbies while Charlotte built towers. They both had an enjoyable swim in the pool with Daddy while I and Dylan hung out poolside; we did hang our feet over the edge which he liked.


Afterwards, we headed down to the games room, it was such a novelty for us using our quarters to play the arcade games.


We headed to bed that evening all shopped out from the target across the road and with smiles on our faces are witnessing this beautiful sunset. The next day was when the holiday was to begin properly!