We Want To Be LEGOLAND Ambassadors!

Anyone who follows us on social may have noticed that we love LEGO-like REALLY love LEGO. A week does not go by that a new LEGO kit does not turn up in our house, I hold my hands up to not being able to resist buying new kits for us to enjoy. It is played with most days by Oli and me as we build, rebuild and create sets. Of course, when we heard LEGOLAND were looking for ambassadors we just simply has to apply!


Naturally, LEGOLAND is one of our favourite places to be, and we would love to have the title of LEGOLAND ambassadors to our name. We like to think we would do a good job of letting us friends and followers know about what fun we get up to at LEGOLAND via our blog and social media. Just like we did in the past when we attended the opening of the Duplo Valley Splash & Play Land!


We would also make great ambassadors as we are not only just planning on visiting LEGOLAND Windsor this year but also the one in California next month. We cannot wait to tell you all about our day out there upon our return.


As a family, we love adventures together and even though Dylan has autism we still find a way to make our days out work for us all. Merlin theme parks are somewhere where I trust our needs will be catered for, we make them our first point of call on days out as they are so autism friendly and I can feel confident ahead of our visit that we will have a good family day out as the staff will go out of there way to help us. LEGO is one of Dylan’s favourite sensory items so it would make the ideal day out for him as well as his brother and sister.

Charlotte is at the age now where she is taking everything in, and LEGOLAND is just going to be this amazingly magical place for her like it is for the rest of us. I cannot wait to see her reaction when we take her for the first time but how amazing would it be to take her as an actual LEGOLAND ambassador!