#WheresReyI started to draft this post just before Christmas just after we had watched ‘The Force Awakens’ for the first time. I decided not to be harsh with my posting and see what the week leading up to and after Christmas would bring, but it did not bring what I wanted it to.

What did I want it to bring? Well, I wanted it to bring Rey like lots and lots of Rey merchandise. I wanted to be able to buy a Rey Titan Hero figure to match all the other figures my son has in the collection. I wanted this post to complain instead about the lack of leading male characters instead of a female one once again.

Again you say?

I was horrified to discover that Hasbro didn’t see fit to produce a Black Widow Titan Hero figure to go along with all the other Titan Hero figures in the collection especially the rest of the ‘main’ Avengers. By main characters I mean Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Hawkeye of course which there are all Titan Hero figures for. With the release of the new film, they even bought out different versions of the figures, but poor Black Widow was still nowhere to be seen.


Surely they would not make the same mistake with the Star Wars Titan Hero Figures? Princess Leia would have to be there because she was the ultimate leading character in the original Star Wars films but like Black Widow, she was left out of the gang. But 2015 comes about, and more of us are shouting publicly about the lack of female character merchandise so, of course, Rey will be made and be available for my children to play with along with the rest of their figures. I start to buy the Star Wars Titan Hero figures each week leading up to Christmas so that come Christmas Day Oli will have the full set to play with but to our disappointment Rey isn’t to be found on the shelves. I guess there must be some spoiler to her figure which is why they have not released one. So we wait, Christmas comes and goes and here I am now still waiting to complete Oli’s collection with the female characters that should of never of been left out in the first place.


I just refused to believe that they would forget her and that she will be available soon until this morning where I should give all hope of that happening. I spotted #WheresRey was trending on Twitter and what I saw was this article from The Guardian ‘Star Wars monopoly that’s missing lead character has fans asking #WheresRey‘. Yes, you read right, Hasbro has once again left out Rey! And want to know what the reasoning was behind it? Well apparently according to Hasbro including her would have been a spoiler as the set was released in September but let’s not worry about it including Luke right? I’m just starting to think Hasbro do not like women, because if they did I am sure my son’s Titan Hero Figure collection would have a Black Widow, Princess Leia and Rey figure included.


Rey seems to be missing from most of The Force Awakens merchandise across stores, take John Lewis for example who currently have 192 Star Wars items for sale but only 2 of them happen to be Rey related, and they are both from LEGO. The Entertainer has 279 items with 7 being Rey related though 1 of them is a jigsaw including Poe and 2 of them are again LEGO, and all the other items are currently out of stock. The Disney Store seem to of upped the stock of Rey related items since I last looked before Christmas, out of 200 items I now note around 14 items, but most of these are general merchandise with other characters included. Disney does sell Rey figures which are more like die-cast collectables than actually playable figures. Smyths sell 278 Star Wars related items online with 6 being Rey related and 2 of those are LEGO sets. Toys r Us out of 216 have 8 Rey products, and again two of those are LEGO.

I have seen rumours that they are listening and that more Rey merchandise will be released soon as they have realised how much in demand it is. So here’s hoping that come to the end of January we will no longer be asking #WheresRey?