Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely evening? We spent it chasing around a dog who is frightened of fireworks and trying to settle a child who no longer likes to sleep. Safe to say the only thing we woke up with on New Years Day was tiredness and not a hangover.

The New Year is something I am euphoric about! Reflecting upon 2015 I am rather glad it has been and gone and that we can now look forward to a new year full of fresh starts and possibilities. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed (which is funny to say considering sleep does not happen anymore) and ready to take on whatever 2016 may throw my way.

I’m not going to say I made New Year resolutions because instead of being the norm it seems to be something which people just roll their eyes at and, to be honest; I do not think I have ever stuck to any of my past resolutions. So instead I am going to have aims and challenges instead of resolutions, and it will not be a biggie if I do not stick to them. Want to hear them?

  • To build awareness of Autism. I cannot escape the fact that it is such a huge part of our lives now and as well as educating ourselves we want to help educate the world around us. As we learnt last week, people are so ignorant of the fact that just because you cannot see a disability, it does not mean someone does not have one.
  • Travel more. Which is exactly what we are doing with our trip to LA and our plan to fit in another holiday in before the end of the year. We want to explore more of the world and we have decided to try and not let the kids ages or Dylan’s autism stop this. We want all 3 of them to experience the joys of travelling and discovering new countries which were something the man and I did not have a chance to do as youngsters. We were going to make well and truly up for that and take our little family with us.


  • Adventure more. Ok so this totally ties in with travelling more, but I guess this would be more UK based. Looking back at a photo album with Oli from the ages of 0-4 we realised we did so much more back than what we do nowadays. We need to purchase some new yearly passes for local-ish attractions and this we will do with the intent of regularly using them.
  • More of what we love. We are a comic loving family, and we are raising three mini-geeks, without pushing our love of comics on them they have taken up this enjoyment by themselves. Oli has quite the collection going on and I just know Charlotte will enjoy them one day. Last year we started to go to a few Comic Cons as a family and the rest of them have joined in with my cosplay enjoyment and can often be found dressing up for the occasion. I want to do more of this in 2016; we already have one in February and October planned, and I am sure there will be more in between.


  • Looking after myself. To do a good job of looking after others I need to do a good job of looking after myself. Be it long hot baths with Netflix or an hour down the gym with just my music for a company it will give me some essential downtime from the stress of motherhood/looking after the house.
  • Learn to drive. Ok, so this is a New Years resolution and one I will not break. I have been learning to drive for like the last several months with no sign of me passing anytime soon. I have taken the last six weeks off it as I was finding myself getting rather stressed and frustrated so thought it a good idea to take a break and come back to it this year with fresh eyes. It is the third time I have attempted lessons in 10 years, and 2016 is the year I would like to pass finally, I have even treated myself to a new car ready for when that day comes about!
  • Blog at least twice a week. This is my second post of the year already! *Throws arms up in the air!* Last year I wasn’t really on the ball when it came to looking after my blog and keeping it tidy and well fed with posts. That will change, and I will use it more this year as a diary like I initially set out to do when setting it up back in 2009. After all, I will have all our travelling and adventures to record!