Small Steps Amazing Achievements


It seems Dylan’s new nursery is already working magic on my beautiful boy. I don’t think I have ever been able to get him to sit still long enough for a photo, but they achieved this perfectly with his school photo. Aren’t those eyes just magical? Safe to say these photos have already been ordered and the frame chosen.

We have just completed our first month at pre-school with just three mornings each week. For the first few sessions he refused to let go of my hand and wanted me to take him back home, we would try to explore together, and I would take him outside, but he still wanted my hand. I would quickly run while he was distracted by the likes of bubbles or the iPad. A few sessions on he realised when we were walking towards his school where we were going, and then the tears began; they continued as we went in and towards his classrooms where I would then have to leave my boy in hysterics simply because Mummy was leaving him there.


Now if he had been any younger and if he did not have Autism then he would be back in his pram and coming back home to have fun with Mummy and Charlotte but this place is amazing, and by being here he will get so much more support with his speech and life skills. Much more than I can offer him at home, where he is surrounded by professionals who know the key to unlocking my boy.

The last few sessions I have noticed that despite still getting upset as we approach the school he has given into the fact he has to stay for a couple of hours. He will reluctantly climb out of the pushchair and will walk himself to his classroom door. Once the door opens, he runs in and is still upset, but he knows that is where he is staying and gives into whatever distraction they offer him.

When gone though he apparently has lots of fun and is happy. They show me photos of what he gets up to, and the mess on his uniform usually tells me a story of his day. But at the end of that morning watching him come running of that door with eagerness to come home really does put a huge smile on my face.