The One With The Food Poisoning

Our day started at 3 am as Charlotte woke up for what we can assume was either a full nappy, teething issues or simply the fact she wanted some milk. While I woke up the man went and grabbed Charlotte for me and brought her into our room where in time I woke up with one hell of a dry mouth. I asked him if he could grab me a glass of water and it turned out he didn’t put up much of a fight about that trek downstairs as he needed one as well. In that time he was gone I realised I was not feeling too good, and after he had joined us back in bed, he said he was not feeling too perky either. Charlotte fed and fell asleep and was oblivious to what followed.

Our immediate thoughts were that we had food poisoning seeing as we were both ill, so at those points where we could talk about the food, we wondered if it was the burgers we had the evening before the last or the paninis we had with bacon and cheese at lunchtime. We knew it couldn’t have been the dinner we had before bed because I had a lasagne with the kids while he had a pie. It was a long night where we were not very well; Hubs seemed to of been hit straight away where I just felt horrendous until the morning. But it was the case of once I sat up then it went downhill, and boy didn’t it.

The worse thing for was the fact having HG in pregnancy had left me terrified of being sick, the sounds of hubs had me recoiling in horror and reliving those memories. But me being sick was even worse, I was sobbing away as it happened and it shook me up. I came back to bed was a complete mess, the stomach cramps were unbelievable, and I found them even more painful than contractions. I was in so much pain that we agreed we needed to call 999 as I was becoming increasingly short of breath and if the cramps got any worse, I was afraid I was going to pass out. With the husband being ill as well the last thing we needed was for me to be passed out.

We had some rather lovely paramedics arrive who pretty knew straight away I was having an anxiety attack on top of the discomfort I was already in thanks to the food poisoning. They understood why later on when I was more with to explain just how upsetting being sick was for me. I think I would have rather gone through all three labours again then dealt with the pain I went through that morning. In this time school time had started, and we hadn’t even given a thought to Oli needed school, we were in such a bad state that we couldn’t take him. We were grateful for this throughout the day as he was a star when it came to nursing us and helping out with his brother and sister. He even made us a get well card which did make us smile lots.


It was a long few days as we tried to wash it out of our system, we experienced the shakes and the weakness which combined with the fatigue we would feel meant doing anything productive was impossible. Just when we thought we were feeling better, we woke up and felt so washed out. I swore I wasn’t going ever to touch food again, but of course, that was thrown out the window by the time I felt much better and needed all the carbs there was on offer.