Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Yesterday was Dylan’s birthday, and it was a special day without being too much of a special day. We made it so that his presents were not wrapped up but just sat waiting for him to explore in his own time, we didn’t make too much of a fuss and make loud, excited noises and go overboard on the decorating, and we didn’t put candles on a cake but instead simply let him see it as an everyday cake not to be frightened of but enjoyed. It was strange doing this considering the last couple of parties for Charlotte & Oli have been loud and busy whereas this was the complete opposite, we didn’t even invite friends around but simply kept it to us 5 to celebrate.

It was his day, so this is what was best for him and what made him happy, we are learning to adapt to him, and of course, on his special day, we will go all out to make it all about him in any way possible. We bought him some colour in pj’s thinking that his brother would be the one to colour them in as Dylan isn’t that keen on colouring in. However, he took us by surprise when I got them out to show him and started to colour in, he picked up one of the pens and joined me in colouring for 5 minutes. It was so enjoyable to watch him, and he was brilliant for someone who rarely picks up colouring pens. I wonder if it was because of the different texture of what he was colouring in which made the difference.